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Mr Dog doesn't bite
Those who are allowed to read it found it poorly written and lost interest.
Posted on: 21 May 2015

The fastest book in the world?
The overall comment from those who have read it is that it is over very quickly!
Posted on: 06 May 2015

Such Fun!
Sad that it's finished, glad that we've read books that we wouldn't usually choose.
Posted on: 23 Sep 2014

Bunker Diary is Marmite!
Lively and at times slightly cross discussion of books read so far, Bunker Diary definitely divides opinions, love it or absolutely hate it!
Posted on: 11 Jun 2014

Only a few weeks left!
We're enjoying our meetings and will be sad when it's over. Poll results suggest books should have brief description and age rating on the back, similar to what's on DVD's.
Posted on: 02 Jun 2014

Choppy Chapters
A couple of the books have very short or strangely arranged chapters which can be a bit distracting. All the Truth and Liar & Spy are two examples some of us found hard to get into initially.
Posted on: 08 May 2014

Great mix of reactions
It's great to see that we don't all agree on which books are great, although 3 of us hated Bunker Diary!
Posted on: 01 May 2014

Age guidance for books?
Great discussion at last meeting before hols, general feeling is not to have age rating, but brief description of content similar to ones on dvd or games
Posted on: 14 Apr 2014

Thanks Elizabeth!
Giant cookies, epic taste! Liar & Spy initial marks out of 5 based on cover, opening chapter and blurb are mostly 3 for cover, 4 for blurb and 4 for opening chapter.
Posted on: 25 Mar 2014

Kitty bakes
Double yum Kitty! Thanks for the cakes. v.excited about starting shortlist next meeting.
Posted on: 18 Mar 2014

Breaking the library rules!
Blatant disregard for 'no food or drink in the library'. Free biscuits & drinks for our group!
Posted on: 12 Mar 2014