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The Longlist!
Today we came up to Senior School and met the Senior Team. We have been reading some of the books suitable for younger readers and we talked about the books that are on the long list: Monkey and me, Scarlet Ibis, Tinder, Middle of Nowhere, Fastest boy in the World and Us Minus Mum. Everybody loved Scarlet Ibis, even though it was very sad. We enjoyed Monkey and Me - but we don't think it will win as not everyone wanted to read it. Not sure about Tinder. Middle of Nowhere was ok, but too sad. And so was Us Minus Mum - not all of us want to read sad books. The Fastest Boy was good, but a bit sad at the end. We are now deciding which books we are going to vote for.
Posted on: 04 Mar 2015

Now we know the shortlist ....
We were disappointed that Far, Far away, Binny for Short and North of Nowhere did not get shortlisted. We also wanted so much for Phoenix to win because we met the author and it's the best book ever! But we also like Child's Elephant and Rooftoppers so we don't mind which one wins.
Posted on: 27 Mar 2014

Welcome to Crazy Syd J Rocks!
We've designed our page, created a poll and voted for our favourite authors. Now it's your turn!
Posted on: 26 Mar 2014