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The Underneath By Kathi Appelt
This is 6 to 7 books in one. A flip between time, we go a thousand years back to grandmother Mossican and her lonly soul filled and emptied by Night Song. The story of Gar Face, A druken father struck a son and a son struck out, carring his fathers rifle. The colio cat abandoned on the roadside andher hound ranger and the two kittens. Puck lost making his own tale and developing skill. Grandmother in the jar trapped in the roots of a great tree struck down by lightning. and the Aligator kings story and not forgetting the humming bird... Mysterious and magical.
Posted on: 18 Jun 2014

Our favourite books
Hannah - Wizard of Oz series, A lovley story where Dorathy lost makes friends and then ends up making lots of friends and saving them over and over. L Bales - Harry potter and the prisioner of Askaban,Where Harry is in trouble again. Abi - Alice In Wonderland, Alice falls through a rabbit hole into a magical world.
Posted on: 11 Jun 2014

This week in our group...
After a bit of a shaky start we are now up and running with our Carnegie group. We spent a good bit of time discussing the books we had been reading from the shortlist and those we think are front runners. We also enjoyed making our group page more interesting. I was not too pleased to be roped into the photo by another teacher! Mrs B.
Posted on: 04 Jun 2014

Hey fellow friends tonights top story is all about book worms. I'd like you all to send us what you've been reading and all your favourites through the bookworm blog. I've been reading the wizard of oz series.The journey of magical peril, can dorathey return and save oz? Again and again. As we remeet her and her extordinary friends. Hannah. Mrs Bales our libarian loves to read The Harry potter series, she reads it every night on his birthday. "Abracadabra..."
Posted on: 04 Jun 2014