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Blood Family
Just started this, it is well written and the story flows along. Hopefully it will have a happy ending...
Posted on: 03 Jun 2014

Liar & Spy
Wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this at first, although the characters were good not much seemed to happen. The plot then began to come into focus as the story progressed and I enjoyed the overall read.
Posted on: 03 Jun 2014

Ghost Hawk
Just started reading this one and am enjoying it so far. It is set during the first settling of the New World and paints a very believable picture of how life may have been both for the indigenous population and the settlers.
Posted on: 24 Apr 2014

The Wall by William Sutcliffe
Initially, I found this a bit difficult to get into Joshua's character but found it easier going after the first couple of chapters once the scene had been set. I don't think that the storyline is particularly original, however, it is a well constructed, believable plot that carries you along at a reasonable pace.
Posted on: 11 Apr 2014

A lovely gentle story about an orphaned girl searching for her mother in Paris. Perfect for sharing out loud with younger readers.
Posted on: 01 Apr 2014

Absolutly enchanting and a beautiful read! I love the way Sophie is a free spirit and isn't a 'lady' as she's happy to walk with dinner down her clothes!
Posted on: 31 Mar 2014

The Bunker Diary
WOW - yet another very powerful story for older readers from Kevin Brooks. All the usual dark stuff with a story line that will leave you pondering the senselessness of it all. Linus is a totally believeable character whose compassion carries him through to the end.
Posted on: 28 Mar 2014