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Rocky Readers!

A diary entry from one of the paper dolls - after an adventure with Year 5!
Dear Diary, Today was such an adventurous day! We went to the farm and danced with the seriously smelly pigs. Then we went to the dirty damp ocean it was 2 times the smell of the pigs. Oh and my favourite bit was when we went to the flowery, fresh, funky jungle, it was awesome. There was flowers and the smell oh it wonderful. We also saw a dinosaur it roared and it stamped all over the grass and made really big damage to the jungle . At points we were scared of the dinosaur because he followed us everywhere and then something really scary happened the dinosaur tried to eat us ahhhhhhhh but then we sang were ticky and tacky and Jackie the backy ,jim with 2 noses and jo with the bow . sooo then we got away and we were back home and we snuggled up into are blankets and because we were soooo tired we went to sleep zzzzzzz .
Posted on: 16 May 2014

We took the paper dolls on a new adventure and then wrote about it, in role as one of the dolls themselves!
Dear diary, Yesterday I went on an amazing adventure .I went exploring the deepest caves, glimmering waterfalls and the sweetest forests. I discovered the most deepest cave that haven’t been I got deeper and deeper discovered a blue,green,red and yellow was dimonds,rubys,emeralds and citrines! Secondly I went to the water fall it was amazing. When I saw it started bringing happy emotions to me.just stearing at it bought a tear to my eye. i Walked behind it, it lead us to somewhere new. Next minute I popped up I a entrance to candy land forest. I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes and I felt like I was in haven but sadly I weren’t. I had a great day Yesterday. I wish I could do it all over again. From your best friend jo with the bow.
Posted on: 16 May 2014

Writing in role as one of the paper dolls - we went on an adventure in our school grounds!
Dear diary Today I’ve had the most exciting journey ever it was so good we went to the graves of chaos, made in 1999 when chaos had to go to heaven… we also went a hut that’s really exiting it’s called the hut of the people from 1754. It was the best one. Next we went to a Tropical wet fruity rain forest and then the old marshlands. That’s called the horrible, Stoney, muddy, discussing marshlands, proportions potato infected marshlands. I felt horrible going to that place .
Posted on: 16 May 2014

We wrote in role as one of the paper dolls. We went on an adventure with the paper dolls in our school grounds.
Dear Diary, Today I had an amazing journey with my friends who are Ticky and Tacky, and Jackie the backie, Jo with the bow and me Jim with two noses. It all started when we were playing next to the large salty pond having the time of our lives until a giant frog lept out of the water. Me and my friends were terrified that it would push us into the pond and we would fall apart because we are made of paper. Luckily we hopped away from the frog and into an ancient temple. The ancient temple was guarded by mummies and filled with traps! We all felt petrified because of the mummies. Suddenly one of the mummies saw us and soon there was three mummies chasing us and I thought to myself we’re doomed… fortunately one of my friends had an idea and we flew away from the mummies into king chicks palace and they were having a disco fortunately none of the guards saw us. Unfortunately we blew our cover by dancing and the guards started pecking us and we sprinted away to a picnic park. We all decided that we could do with a picnic so we all sat down after a crazy journey and ate a delicious lunch.
Posted on: 16 May 2014

Our Greenaway Project
We have been reading some picture books this term, so far we have read the day the crayons quit, the paper dolls and Oliver. Even though they have a very small amount of words and are they are aimed at small children they are still very interesting to read.
Posted on: 16 May 2014

Writing in role as one of the paper dolls - we took them on an adventure!
Dear diary, Yesterday I went on an amazing adventure to the fruity jungle; it was amazing it had all kinds of fruit from the trees. There were unusual animals like the fruity monkey and the thirsty ninja spider. The fruity monkey eats all the fruit and the thirsty ninja spider drinks all the pollen from the flowers. It was amazing me and the fruity monkey had fun hanging from the trees while eating fruit and I and the thirsty ninja spider had fun too collecting flowers we all felt happy but I was scared of the thirsty ninja spider though. After I arrived at a pirate pond where I met pirate paper dolls in the disgusting, stinky pirate pond! The pirate paper dolls were really being mean all they do is singing this “rrrrr we are the pirates of the sea, and I am the captain so listen to me” all day long. I interrupted and started singing “were Ticky and Tacky and Jackie the backie and Jim with 2 noses and Jo with the bow” they weren’t happy so they made us walk the plank luckily we jumped off and landed to the evil caves!! I was really scared though when we arrived at the pirate pond. Then we visited the evil caves where the ninja rabbits live, when we walked in the cave there were loads of cages with ninja rabbits in them and when the rabbit tried to attack we were scared but… they missed and it set us free we were really happy after that, because we arrived at the fun garden centre! We took some flowers for our vase at our house and guess what they were magic flowers when you hold them and make a wish it comes true. We were really happy and tomorrow will be another adventurous day!!
Posted on: 16 May 2014

Oilver Jeffers
Oliver Jeffers is an artist, illustrator and writer from Australia. His book got him lots of awards including the orbit prize.
Posted on: 16 May 2014

Books we've read so far...
The past few weeks we have been looking at a variety of books such as: • The day the crayons quit • The paper dolls • Oliver And we will be looking at much more books later on in the term. Which book sounds like a luxury to you?
Posted on: 16 May 2014

Writing in Role as one of the Paper Dolls!
Dear Diary, Today I have been on a crazy adventure with my friends Ticky, Tacky, Jim with two noses and Jo with the bow! First we went to the colossal warm pond, after we had jumped in, a smelly old frog came out from behind a large solid rock and chased us! He chased us over to the ancient temple…Whilst getting to the temple my hair was dripping all over the floor. When we arrived I couldn’t see anything because I’m always facing backwards but my friends told me it looked outstanding! After entering we suddenly fell over a trip wire. It took us a while to get up but when we were able to stand 3 Egyptian mummies chased us over to the Queen chickens castle, they were having a party. We went over to the Queens servants to have a friendly conversation. Instead of talking to us they just pecked us in the arm! It was very painful the servants apologised and the Queen gave us all an egg decorated bandage. We thanked them and then left… We found a bench a lonely old bench we looked closer to see that it had a huge variety of fruits and breads so we decided to have a picnic! After that we were so full up so we had a little nap and then wandered into the little memory cottage. I felt so tired after that incredibly long journey but I’m still ready for another action packed Quest. Where would it be, what would happen, ooooooh I can’t wait… I’m sure my friends are bursting with excitement too!
Posted on: 16 May 2014