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Good Morning Everyone
Hi. Edward here. After starting to read the first chapter of ''The Wall', I am really enjoying it. I hope you are all enjoying your books too!
Posted on: 03 Jun 2014

The Wall by William Sutcliffe
I have chosen to read 'The Wall' by 'William Sutcliffe' I chose to read this book after looking at the blurb and the reviews that newspapers and other authors had written. I liked the design on the cover as it is quite simple as there is barbed wire surrounding the white tree. The barbed wire, red, is quite inportant to make a first impression as it brings up the reader. The cover is eye catching and worrying as it does not show much, but shows alot at the same time. I cannot wait to start reading 'The Wall' and I am sure I will love the book. Once I have read this book, I will post a review to tell you all about the AMAZING book!! Edward -- Web representative :)
Posted on: 02 Jun 2014

Happy Readers!
The Redhill Readers are quite late to the Carnegie party but boy are we excited to catch up! We have decided that Josh is going to be reading 'Liar & Spy', Holly is going to be reading 'Roof Toppers' and Miss Colvin will be reading 'All the Truth That's in Me'. We are hoping to recruit some more members this week to select other books to be read over half term! We cannot wait to get together again after finishing our first books for dicussions, reviews and judging!
Posted on: 19 May 2014