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Hanwell Explorers Thursday
Banbury, Oxfordshire

Wild animals of north vs The wolves of currumpaw
Today we voted as a group for wild animals of the north and the wolves of currmpaw . The biggest vote was wild animals of the north. Some of our favourite animals are The barn owl, The long weasel and the blue whale. See you next week for more news.
Posted on: 08 Jun 2017

Wild animals of the north vs The wolves of currum

Posted on: 08 Jun 2017

The journey
Today we read the journey by Francesca Sanna we really enjoyed the book because, it was really dramatic and a very interesting book to read as there a bit of black on every picture showing the books really dark. we asked about the 5 things that we would we take if we had to leave our homes we choose: a blanket a bed teddy a pillow and a phone and charger see you next week
Posted on: 25 May 2017

Just Started!
Today we met our new Book Explorers. There was great excitement! Everyone was looking forward to reading our new books! Our first group read was "There's a bear on my chair" and that went down very well with lots of pictures drawn and book reviews coming soon...
Posted on: 28 Apr 2016