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Hello, we are 5 girls( Taela, im typing, Poppy, Millie, Ruby and Frances.) don't forget Miss Windridge and Miss Rowlatt. We go to Tollbar Academy and we have our book club ( Carnegie shadow group) on a Thursday night after school. So far we have read the cuckoo song, we are currently reading tinder. We haven't read many because the books took ages to come. And we’re Allowed to read Buffalo soldier and when Mr dog bites they contain "inappropriate themes." We looking forward to reading More that this by Patrick Ness. We all love our Carnegie shadow group and will not let anyone else join our group. It is closed, we even have a “waiting list” well that what they think haha. Anyway I don’t think we will have much time to blog in our group time but we will try, And we cannot wait for the final of the Carnegie medal Thanks for reading - Taela the typer xxx
Posted on: 11 Jun 2015