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Hailsham Scholars
East Sussex ,

Although this book is short, it is a really good story and is very emotional. At first, no one wanted to read it because they thought it was all poems but it's not it's just a strange, unusual layout with pretty much each page as one little chapter. 'One' is about conjoined twins who have to make a decision which will change their lives forever. It is a great book and I would definitely recommend it. Charis Burton x
Posted on: 30 May 2016

'There Will Be Lies'
This book is a bit confusing at points but if you keep on reading it all makes sense. It is a really good story and it is very gripping. Charis Burton x
Posted on: 26 May 2016

'Fire Colour One'
I absolutely love this book. It teaches you to appreciate what you have whilst you have it and that family is the greatest bond, whether you are close or live far away. I thought that the first book I read was amazing but this one is better and you should definitely read it. Charis Burton x
Posted on: 24 May 2016

3 books and counting!
I have recently read There Will Be Lies ,Lies We Tell Ourselves and Fire Colour One.They were all very well written books but Lies We Tell Ourselves was clearly the best! Evie
Posted on: 13 May 2016

'Lies We Tell Ourselves' review
I love this book because the author has described it so well that I can really imagine how the characters feel. Also, I really liked the fact that it changed characters so that I knew how the other characters were feeling. I would definitely recommend this. Charis Burton x
Posted on: 13 May 2016

ONE by Sarah Crossan At first you may think this book isn't really a story just a book of poems but actually it's just the style it's written in, the story is the same and each different section is like a chapter. I found this story really moving and it really gives you and idea of what it's like to live life as conjoined twins. The story is about two girls, Grace and Tippi, who have to make a heart-wrenching decision which will change their life FOREVER. But when they have to go into the outside world all they can think about is the sneers and laughter aimed at them. There new school is different to what they expected no-one laughs or sneers they're actually really interested in Grace and Tippi's life. Grace
Posted on: 13 May 2016

And we're off...
April 22nd saw the first meeting of the Hailsham Scholars' Carnegie Shadowing group. Enthusiasm for the chosen texts was keen (with Ms. Hamid already having to tell one or two students to 'close your book now please' during lessons!) and we are all looking forward to our first discussion group in a fortnight. Happy Reading!
Posted on: 23 Apr 2016