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The Sandon School Book Worms

In a future world there was just a war and to keep peace the world is split up into five personality groups to keep peace. Everybody knows where they belong apart from Tris.
Posted on: 20 May 2015

Poem 1: No Man's Land; The craters litter fields, The graveyards shall soon be packed, They are filled by war. Poem 2:The Meadows; In the green meadows, Where plants are nurtured by sun, In nature's beauty, rest. Poem 3: The Bloodied Winter; Movement in the snow, How we hear the anthem play, Our trenches are graves. Poem 4: Stalingrad; Hovering above the rubble, the same record still plays, and amongst us, hunger troubles, and we've not eaten for days--Due to this cratered hell, and the life we dearly miss, our dead souls make us shells, how could they survive in this?--To the Russians, we've surrendered, by the snow, weak we were rendered, is, with no doubt, what made us rout--And every grenade, is death's serenade, at each sound of a gun, he claims another one.
Posted on: 15 May 2015

The middle of nowhere
The middle of nowhere is confusing at times and sometimes you don't know what is the story about at times and like I said before it is really confusing and personally I didn't know who are the characters are so if you are looking for a book with a strong story this isn't the book for you
Posted on: 14 May 2015

Codex: Adepus Mechanicus: Skitarri
Section 1, The Lore: Lore-wise, the background to the Skitarri is well written, displaying humanity as it industrialises the planet mars to become a producer of large scale industry, right through to the desperate battles that similar worlds face, after being colonised under the Adeptus Mechanicus arm of the imperium of man. It portrays many apocalyptic campaigns and goes into the logistics, soldier, captains, heraldry and the output of many different forge worlds. The sheer depth of the lore and background stories surrounding the Skitarri is massive, rivalling Tolkien’s works in detail. Despite this, I have one main complaint, this is that the named characters are few and far between, as well as poorly written, making relating to the Skitarri rather difficult. Section 2, The Artwork: Artwork often plays a crucial role in codices, and the images on show here are simply beautiful, displaying the armed forces of the cyborg Skitarri with a certain deadly majesty that perfectly matches the descriptions of these warriors. Despite a few errors, the art easily rivals the works of professionals. Section 3, The Units: Sub-Section 1, The Models: The infantry models are stunning sculpting, showing a brilliant mix of both steampunk and futuristic technology, giving each model a fantastic look on the tabletop. The painting prowess on show is also great, giving the Skittari a sort of crude, yet refined look with extremely well crafted colour palettes. The one major complaint I have, however, is that the heavy tanks look rather boxy, leaving a feeling of clumsiness, not at all in keeping with the theme of the other units. Sub-Section 2, The statistics: On paper, the Skittari appear a rather weak army, that are mediocre infantry and mediocre tanks and other vehicles, however it is the unique ability to alter the abilities of many of these models that gives this army a huge tactical advantage, allowing for flexibility between being a menace in melee (alliteration not intended) or hugely damaging at range, the play style can often be greatly enjoyable as you relish in your opponent’s falling face when he realises that his best close-combat unit is just about to be swallowed up by what would normally be nothing but slightly weaker MEQs (Space marine equivalents-this means a stat-line that is mainly fours). The second main upside is that the units themselves die ridiculously fast, meaning that speed is key and only swift movement and good use of cover will save you, causing often frantic dashes to different pieces of cover, whilst praying that you do not get outfkanked. Sub –Section 3, The Special rules: As previously mentioned, the special rules of the Skitarri are a bliss to play, as you are often forced into taking dangerous gambles to reach safety, meaning that the success of such manoeuvres are often balanced on a knife edge, causing either a huge sense of relief, or desperation as the vital unit protecting your commander is destroyed along with him in a hail of gunfire. Section 4, Overall Review: To conclude, the Skitarri codex is well balanced in game, and well written, however it should be noted that, whilst it is a good army, it would not stand up to tournament level play, as, despite many strong special rules, a tournament often favours armies with troops that can take shots instead of just dishing them out. Overall it is a good book for Warhammer 40,000 fans.
Posted on: 12 May 2015

When Mr. Dog Bites
I found this book extremely comical and hilarious. Although it was a funny story, I also found it interesting what goes on in a persons mind with Tourette's and how difficult it must be to deal with it. On the parts where he doesn't know about his mother being pregnant and he thinks he is going to die, I found it quite sad and I actually felt sorry for Dylan Mint, but when he finds out about the truth, I though it was a really happy ending and was pleased with the book. It was lovely to read and enjoyed every minute or reading it!
Posted on: 22 Apr 2015

More Than This
This book is an intruiging and fast paced thriller, with many aspects of comedy and at some parts a sence of uneasiness. In brief, you have the main Character Seth who wakes up after death in a familliar land, his previous home in England. The story then proceeds from his awakening and Seth eventually becomes aware of what it is. Some scenes has parts that many can relate to, and as well as this I appricatated how unique it was, in the respect that Seth was 'Gay', which is uncommon for a main character in a book. I thoughrouly enjoyed engaging and at some parts laughing at this book, and I think that Patrick Ness produced a fantastic Fiction book. Definatly reccomened you read this, and I ensure you that you will not regret it!
Posted on: 22 Apr 2015

The Monster Calls
Put simply, A Monster Calls is the tale of Conor O'Malley, a 13 year old boy who is reapetedly visited by a monster while his mother is dying. Conor is portryaed as a troubled, icolated and frightend boy, who is undergoing a brutal bullying phase in his life. The monster part scary giant, part wild yew tree thells the boy three stories. These bewildering tales knock Conor off balance but he is terrified of the monster because he already fears and anticipates something much worse. Something beyond terrible . He knows he is watching his beloved mother die of a frequent, however meanacing disease, cancer... Although its a dark and mournful tale its also resplendent, not least for the suburb illustrations by Jim Kay
Posted on: 26 Feb 2015

The Bubble wrap Boy
The main character, Charlie Han, has his own problems, not least his insecurities about his height. he is either patronized or insulted. remarks such as "Chinese Midget", OR "special NEEDS one", really wound. One of the things hat makes the book click is the funny interplay between Charlie and his mother, who is so paranoid about danger she even makes charlie wear swimming goggles if he is decorating the Christmas tree! It has an amazing story line and i found the book rather inspirational. I would recommend this book to anyone, they will have the same positive reactions as i did. this book will fit superbly on the short list!
Posted on: 05 Feb 2015