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Reading Realm

Blog #1,2,3 and 4 Hello everyone ! This is the first and probably only blog this week. I'm just giving you all an update on what we did this week and a couple of weeks before this one - all in one blog, because I totally didn't forget to do it or anything remotely like that. Here are the interesting discussions and debates that happened. So we began this Friday's meeting (Friday 11th for anyone who cares) with our three word summaries of the Carnegie shortlisted books. As you may or may not be aware, summing up easily 20000 page books in three words is a challenge, but book club is filled with some really talented people so unsurprisingly we collectively came up with some amazing ones and some rather confusing and controversial ones (not surprising). Please do check out our magazine to read those. Moving swiftly on !! We then recommended our favourites of the books to various people. The book that we almost unanimously think should win is After the Fire, as it is a real page turner with an airtight plot, brilliantly written characters and incredible writing. Additional note: well done to Barry/Larry/Harry(or Gary ) !!!, who read all of the Carnegie Books first (not that it was a competition. Grumble grumble). Don't forget the Victoriana Romance Short story - committed to by me and Anezka, and the suggested other short story competition that I would totally recommend For info about it , ask Lara Overall, sucessfull and productive meetings everyone !! To anyone who read the whole way through this blog, wow thanks! Your dedication to reading this whole blog is unparalleled anywhere within this astral plain. Ur awesome. Also, on an additional note, this was my first ever blog . Did i do good? Feedback appreciated. Also superthanks Alfie for ur support in setting me up with the technical whatnot. I have no idea what I'm doing. Have a nice day and motivatonal bee posters for all :)
Posted on: 08 Jun 2018