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Bolton LMS Imaginators

'One' by Sarah Crossan - Book Review
'One' is a story about conjoined twins Grace and Tippy. The story is being narrated by Grace in verses, making the book a very quick read. We follow the twins as they go to school for the first time to living their daily lives. We also get to learn a lot about the characters as the story progresses though its written in such few words. One of the things that I liked the most is that the writer didn't make me feel sorry for conjoined twins rather made me appreciate the freedom of deciding things for myself without always having to gain approval from another person. It is not every day you come across conjoined twins which is why the book was quite knowledgeable as we see how Grace and Tippy experience the exact same things but perceive it so differently. However, I do think the ending was quite abrupt and felt like few things were left unanswered. Despite this, the book was a real page turner and I did shed tears. I recommend it fully.
Posted on: 02 Apr 2016