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Churchill Academy
NR Weston-S- Mare,

A NEW group has started
We had our first meeting inviting pupils from yr 7 & 8 to come along and find out what the Carnegie shadowing is all about. Lots of interest so far so looking forward to having a all new group of pupils. Victoria Pellant told us about the first book she chose... The Wall. I am on page 268, so am nearly at the end. There is a boy called Joshua and he lives on one side of the wall which separates two cites/towns. His side were told that the other side was filled with terrorists. One day Joshua finds a tunnel and goes through it, his is found by some bullies and runs away, he hides and is found by a girl called Leila and he is helped by her to get back to the other side. He thought he owed her something therefore getting food and giving it to her. Her father agrees with helping him get back to the tunnel but if he looked after a mans olive grove. After a while he seen by his step father, Live who gets really cross and tries to strangle him, his mother is angry with Live but then asked where the tunnel was to the other side. As soon as she was told, she went over to the army and they destroyed it. A while after he is sent a letter by the girl about her father having no aspirin left. He runs away for this and because of Live and then he bought as much aspirin as he could and went over to the other side, he gives the aspirin to her and tries to get back over the army dosn't let him cross. This is as far as I have got through the book. So far I have really enjoyed the book as I think it has a great plot. I think at the end Liev and Joshua's mum will split up and Joshua will come back home, then I think Joshua and his mum will move away to a better, safer place.
Posted on: 07 May 2009