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The HACA Hardbacks!
Crayford, Kent

Lies we tell ourselves by Robin Talley, book review.
This book is about how integration and how the all-white school of Jefferson copes with the newly arrived students. Follow both sides of the story and what the original students do about this. However an unexpected romance occurs that no one could have predicted. I enjoyed this book because it sets their differences apart to show that they are all the same deep down. I would recommend this book to people 12 and over because of some strong language and they could find the story confusing. I would rate this book 4 stars because it gives an accurate description of how integration was felt. It is a gripping story from start to finish.
Posted on: 13 May 2016

One by Sarah Crossan
One is the best book I have read so far. The characters are described in detail. For example: Tippi and Grace the conjoined twins are described to the point where you have a clear image of them in your mind. It is a very easy book to read because each chapter is a poem and there are not a lot of words to read. The book is traumatic at the end and contains some strong language. The book explains how the personalities of Tippi and Grace are different even though they are conjoined. Tippi is naughty. She smokes and drinks a little bit. Grace falls in love with Jon. Everything changes when Tippi and Grace prepare to be separated. I would recommend this book to people aged 12+. It is very interesting and enjoyable. It is a mixture of prejudice, bereavement, dependency, bad luck, loss, death and honesty, good luck, independence, optimism, dignity, friendship, family and love.
Posted on: 06 May 2016

There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake, Book Review
My favourite book so far is There Will Be Lies. I chose this book because it is gripping and you never want to stop reading it. The book teleports you to an imaginary land where you never want to turn back. You swap dimensions joining a race to save the world. The ride to safety is a bumpy one though. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story. I would recommend this book to secondary students since primary students may have trouble understanding the story. Other than that I would rate the book 5 star because it is definitely a must read book.
Posted on: 06 May 2016

One by Sarah Crossan review
I chose ĎOneí because I really like the two main characters (Grace and Tippi ). it has a message that tells us that inside, we are one. itís a dramatic story that tells the tale of two conjoined twins that have a tough life doing things such as school, getting in the shower, going to the toilet and going to the hospital 24/7. The style of writing is very poetic and can be read very easily. Unfortunately, there are some swear words. Their personalities are very different. for example, Tippi is adventurous whereas Grace is not. Over all, I give this book 5 stars. I would recommend this book to anybody aged 12 and up. It gives you many controversial thoughts which makes ĎOneí a good book.
Posted on: 21 Apr 2016

Michelle: Cuckoo song is a fantasy story set in the real lives of a British family in approximately the 1800ís. It is about a girl called Triss, who has become both mentally and physically ill after a hellish experience in the Grimmer. However, not all is as it seems, and her story intertwines her sister and many other unforeseen characters. The story includes a plot twist towards the end; however I wouldnít have known that since I didnít finish reading the book, and my friend (who is also doing a review on this book, except its positive) told me. To me, the book dragged and became too complicated and confusing. There were too many elements of fantasy, and when they were all combined, threw you off completely, although the book was interesting up to a certain point. Now handing over to Megan, who enjoyed the book immensely. Megan: In my opinion, Cuckoo song is a really interesting book. It is completely different to any of the other books I read, so I was surprised that I liked it. The book includes different elements of fantasy which if you get to the end (as Michelle didnít) everything comes together and makes sense. The Protagonist (Triss) is helped along the way by Pen her sister and Violet their aunty. The book captivated me and I could not put it down; I recommend this book people who want to get transported into a different world.
Posted on: 20 May 2015

More than this by Patrick Ness is a gripping tale set in modern day dystopia. The character development in this story is truly amazing; being able to develop a character mind and beliefs and then be able to change them over a few short chapters is a rare and amazing skill. It is true that the first part of the story drags as you read about Seth searching for food in his hometown in England, however when you get to part 2 of the book the story really pick up and turns in to an adventurous and science fiction novel. -Charis Hinson
Posted on: 20 May 2015

Tinder Book Review
Tinder is absolutely captivating. Itís a unique book that is set in almost medieval ages/ ages of knights and is about a man, who goes on many quests and in the end finds his love, only for them to be torn apart by a shocking plot twist towards the end. Tinder is a very mystical book and has many illustrations, which are drawn in a very interesting and haunting style. I would urge others to read this book because it is a break from all other traditional grown up books that have no pictures and have paper thin pages. To me, this book was almost like a folktale, specially designed for adults, and the ending of the book is powerful enough to make you gasp and exclaim. This book is nice because as an adult or a teenager, you donít tend to read fairy tales or books written purely in fantasy, and this book is a nice trip back to childhood, and the fairy tales that used to captivate us. Even the pages of this book are thick and like that of a childís book, and are extremely satisfying to turn! I loved this book, and Iím sure if you give it some time, and read it, youíll enjoy it too!
Posted on: 12 May 2015