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Biscuit update!
This week we had Mairyland cookies which got everyone even more hyper than they were before! Bye peeps! ;-P
Posted on: 02 Jun 2015

Journey or destination?
"It has to be incredible language, a fabulous beginning, an amazing middle and a spectacular ending, that's why I love Apple and Rain so much" said a member today. An ongoing discussion in our club is; what is most important in a book, the journey or the destination? Some said that the book had to hook the reader straight away and the end was only good if the start plunges into the deep end immediately. However, others said that even if it had a strange start, if the ending was good, it didn't matter. Another thing we discussed was do we enjoy the endings of books less if it doesn't go where we had imagined? One person said that because the ending didn't go how she wanted it, she ended up throwing the book across the room in frustration. Bye peeps! ;-)
Posted on: 02 Jun 2015

Which Biscuits??
This is an afternoon of horror. We are in our own dystopian nightmare. Miss has Forgotten the Biscuits. Ironically, this has led to a discussion and the creation of a new poll - which are the best biscuits to eat while reading? There is a wide variety of opinion here, with various attributes such as crumbliness, messiness and dunkability all contributing to biscuit/reading compatibility. One member of the group shocklngly admitted to not liking to eat biscuits while reading, which, once we had recovered from the shock led to joy as we realised that left more for us! Much to one member's liking, we also watched a recently (2 hours ago!!!!) released trailer. Let's just say that the rest of the group was a little worried about her mental state afterwards. It was an amazing trailer and I recommend that EVERYONE go and see the film when in cinemas in September. In other news, we are currently playing charades as it is the last session before half term. I have just humiliated myself completely by making a strange face. Time to sign off for half term. Enjoy your biscuits!
Posted on: 19 May 2015

Hello again!
Today we have been discussing book endings. Most of us thought that bringing a book to a close is one of the hardest things about writing a book (apart from actually writing the book itself). Again, there were more biscuits involved; bourbons and jaffa cakes. One of the most heated topics today was whether The Hunger Games Trilogy was worthy of it's recognition. Certain members of the group believed that Hunger Games is a great example of modern literature; however, as per usual, there was an argument put against this point. It was said that the beloved novel had "a lot of death with no particular reason behind it". It now appears that everyone (apart from miss) has ganged up against the writer of this post and are direguarding her because of her beliefs. It is time to go now but more juicy gossip next week.
Posted on: 28 Apr 2015

Realistic voices in teenage fiction
This week we have been reviewing our books (along with eating Spanner's gorgeous chocolate cakes!). There is definitely a difference in opinions over this year's Carnegie books but we are all glued to them! We've been discussing realistic voices in teenage fiction and we were very impressed by the character's voice in More Than This. We think it sounds like an authentic teenager's voice rather than an adult tying to sound like a teenager. We linked this to Eastenders as we thought that it was unrealistic that you would say something like 'muppet' rather than swearing. Patrick Ness has created a good balance between swearing and not being too over the top. We are all really impressed by the writing so far and are eager to carry on reading. ;-P
Posted on: 21 Apr 2015

Bake-off vs Book-off!
It is our first shadowing meeting and we already have a disaster! A Bake-Off competition has been organised at our school on our meeting night! Half of us have signed up for it, meaning that there will only be three of us left... Luckily, Ms Burr is very committed to the club and so has arranged for Talking Books to run on Tuesdays AND Wednesdays. (She will take payment of gluten free chocolate cake *looks pointedly at Spanner*). The club are currently on the biscuits while also tucking into the shortlist. Spanner has been designated homepage designer as she is 'responsible'. Honest. ;-P
Posted on: 14 Apr 2015