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The European Union Referendum: Arguments Against: By Connor Bradbury
The European Referendum is a key element of The United Kingdoms International democracy and political government rights and responsibilties from which entering The European Union in 1974 the British public over the years have shown how the EU do and do not co-operate with tackling many a agenders , For example the EU's control of border security has failed over recent months as seeing the devisations in North Africa have made many immigrants flee from their country i.e. Libya and Syria have been hit the worst as World Poverty and terrorism attacks has caused many peoples deaths to increase as they arrive in Greece and Turkey: (The worst affected countries to be affected by the flow of immigration). The people of Europe have responded to these problems, however many countries are now protecting their own shelter, border, food, and water from the stem of the immigrants. The European Union has failed in recent attempts to control to flow to immigrants fleeing from terror and poverty. Some people would agree and disagree as this problem is controversial in many circumstances. For my point of view immigrants coming to Europe should not be aggressive and violent as many women in Germany were raped by the immigrants as we are unsure if they are murderers, theft in crime against Human Rights, carrying diseases for other countries as we do not have enough shelter for these people. However The United Kingdom have sent aid but the rising of immigrants is overflowing many countries with Sweden at its highest peak many British people want a government which can take control of terrorism and immigrants coming to this country. Another disagreement from my view is that The European Union also take most of our taxes and have no accountabiltiy for those suffering in their own countries. However large business including Tata Steel in Wales, Santander etc. have voted to stay in, but our country is failing in our economy as our country used to produce many products including steel and many other famous uses for other countries i.e. The United States and China. So is the European Union a failing systematic system from which have gave America more self control since 1933-1945 from WW2, or is are country going to vote Yes or No as my vote would be to Leave the European Union at a datable risk . (As this descision risks how our country will be sustainable in the future. The problem from which the European Union is debating on is that the manufacturing process in Cadbury's shows that recent figures of the daily milk packaging are made in Britain however the Cadbury dairy milk is actually made in Poland showing that England's productivity of manufacturing British products has recently declined over recent years but also shows that the recent figures of producing British products has caused England's economy to decrease since we joined the European Union. The European Union have been corrupted since 1945 and shows that the European Union are not acknowledges on what the public wants.
Posted on: 14 Mar 2016

'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' review by Connor Bradbury
The Hobbit was my most interesting and outstanding book with dramatic and tense action, adventure and was one of most famous masterpiece's of J.R.R Tolkein books. The Hobbit takes place with Mr Bilbo Baggins enjoys a comfortable, unambitious life, from which he stubbles upon an distributed wizard: Gandalf and a company of thirteen dwarves arrive at his Hobbit-hole. He sets upon his most ferocious adventure as travelling from Rivendell to Mirk wood and The Misty Mountain he seeks out the treasure within Erebor to uncover the Arkenstone: the heart of the Mountain which is guarded by the Desolation of Smaug: A fearsome dragon from the North to protect his place under the Mountain, from which the Hobbit must destroy his enemies and save Middle-Earth from the Necromancer (but through his adventure he uncovers The ring which its powers are tremendous: (Invisibility), (…). I think that 'The Hobbit' was a most frantic and most intelligent book of exploring the story as it latches onto a malicious personality of adventure. I would definitly recommend this book to many others. as it was a fantastic book to read.
Posted on: 14 Mar 2016

'His Dark Materials: Northern Lights' review by Izzy Miller
By far one of my all-time favourite books, 'Northern Lights' by Phillip Pullman takes place in a parallel world where bears can talk, witches dominate the northern skies and everyone's soul lives outside of their body in the form of an animal called a dæmon. When children from all over England (as well as various other locations in the world) are being kidnapped and taken North by the Gobblers, Lyra and her dæmon, Pantalaimon, set out to find them. Lyra learns more about herself, those around her, and what she must do to save those she has come to love as she continues North to rescue the children from an inhumane experimental station in the arctic. Despite the controversy surrounding 'His Dark Materials', Northern Lights is an intelligent book that explores how one's true personality finally takes its shape during adolescence. I would recommend this book to all. A truly brilliant read.
Posted on: 08 Feb 2016

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Review- Chrissie
When I first picked up the book of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde back in the summer holidays, I was confused by what the story was about. At first, I thought that Jekyll and Hyde were two seperate people, yet merged by a similar event. The first time I started reading the book, I found some of the words hard to muster and figure out what they meant, so I found it hard to return to the book. A few weeks later, after further understanding, I found out that Hyde was the evil, darker side of Jekyll's personality and Jekyll was the good side. I learnt that Jekyll took a potion to turn into Hyde, but as with any addiction, Jekyll lost control and turned into Hyde without realising. This book took me a while to read, but once understood, it is a fascinating read.
Posted on: 25 Jan 2016

Making our minds up!
Our shadowing experience has made us better critical readers and thinkers. In our reading quest so far we have been browsing reviews written by other groups to see if our opinions are shared by other readers. Before today's discussion we were confident about which book we thought had a chance of winning. On reflection, we found that we all shared a common enjoyment of one novel, but interestingly we all felt that this wouldn't be the book to win the competition. When we talked about our reasons behind this, we discovered that an enjoyment of the story wasn't enough for us to consider it a potential winner ; the novel needed to present us with a challenge (political, historical, social) in plot, character and language. In light of this we changed our reading barometer by an unanimous vote.
Posted on: 04 Jun 2015

'Poetry can be transforming.'
Was Apple transformed by the poetry she read and wrote? Today’s discussion point surrounded the reoccurring theme of poetry in the novel. We have also been studying our GCSE poems on the topic of conflict and power. Even though the experience of carrying a bayonet across a bombarded no man’s land is not ours, this doesn’t prevent us from being able to be empathise with the experience. In a similar way, the experience of being a Kamikaze pilot may seem alien to us, however we can understand the pilot’s choice between life and death. In these small ways our reality is transformed into something else for the length of the poem. One member stated that it was after studying other poets’ work that Apple wrote her own poems to express ‘her feelings and emotions about how she really felt’. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that poems can teach you to look outside of yourself in order to find yourself. One member asked about why she kept deleting them if her work was about her true feelings. After much thought, we concluded that sometimes a poem can reflect a person’s own experience or situation directly, rather than transforming them into someone else or taking them somewhere else; this can be reassuring and frightening. As we discussed today, it took Apple a long time to be able to express the truth in her poems due to the fear of embarrassment or being misunderstood.
Posted on: 14 May 2015

Rights and Responsibilities- 7th of May and the novel!
General Election fever crept into our group discussion today. After debating who would be the best candidate to vote for, we began thinking about the character of Apple's mother; a person who has a right to be part of her daughter's life, but who lacks the skills or the desire to accept the responsibility which comes with such a role. Apple has a taste of this responsibility in Part 5 as Christine has already blogged about. A member of the group mentioned that compromise is essential in politics and pointed to the character of Nana. It is Nana who behaves responsibly and has a right to be protective of her grand-daughter, but she also learns to loosen her control over Apple. Apple, her mother and Nana all learn that freedom to choose comes with a lot of responsibility. The consequences of having too much choice and freedom can be complicated. Nana, Apple and her mother all learn that true empowerment is discovered when they are allowed the space to make mistakes, are able to learn from their experiences and accept that it is their responsibility to make the necessary changes. “Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.” ― Abraham Lincoln
Posted on: 07 May 2015

My Part Five Review- By Christine
Part Five struck a molten pot of emotions inside of me, some were joyous and others were saddening, especially at the end, when Apple is so frustrated that her sister, Rain, does not seem to realise that her doll, 'Jenny' is not real. She, in an act of what I assume to be frustration and anger, smashes the doll against the wall, while her sister replies with 'I hate you, I hate you, I hate you'. I infer as a reader that Apple did not mean to do this as she replies with ‘I’m so sorry’, and drops her beer bottle on the floor, Rain runs to her room. However, since her mother is away at an acting job in London, Apple cannot continue to go back to school. However, Mr Gaydon (Apples’ English teacher), comes round to her house, which I found strange as normally the social services would be called- we discussed some of this today. Apple lies and replies, saying that her mum is too ‘ill’ to be spoken to, to hide the fact that her mother has not been home. Mr Gaydon believes her lies (probably to protect Rain and her mother) and tells her to write poems, which I infer is to convey her deepest emotions. Earlier on in Part Five, Apple, Rain, and Del enjoy moments together such as the ice skating and going to the arcade, I found this very easy to read and it was a very moving, yet enjoyable part of the story.
Posted on: 07 May 2015

Is Nana too strict?
Today's discussion revolved around the character of Nana who appears to have touched each of us and our experiences. Popular opinion came to the conclusion that Nana is probably just being over protective, which we as readers could infer, but the character closest to her couldn't. Many felt that Nana should compromise on some aspects of her behaviour and as one member commented: " By Year 8 of High School, it seems a bit strange if your Nan is waiting for you in the playground!" However, another member commented that Nana is a wiser character than on first appearance, quoting: "Be careful what you wish for!" As other members hadn't read further into the novel, we are waiting until next week to find out what this could be about!!! Thanks for taking time to meet and talk today!
Posted on: 30 Apr 2015