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DP Readers

Review by Vijaybhaskar Sukesh
Perhaps the book’s compressed focus onto a smaller audience may have affected my view, however the concentrated spotlight shining upon the book's somewhat emotional facet is drawn away by the banality in its plotline. The element of depth in the book is satisfactory considering the audience, with some aspectual references to morality and life, etcetera. It serves as a somewhat decent piece of entertainment, whose potential could be unravelled simply by expanding its audience. It may perhaps even be a literary marvel masked by the deplorable facade of teen fiction. But perhaps the web of emotions that intertwine in the formation of this book are the underlying cause of its success within its target audience. The predictability of the platitudinous plot line is only surpassed by its unwelcome similarities between other children’s novels. The reader is faced with a book whose pages are almost transparent, with major plot points being visible from miles before actual mention. However, the book's simplicity is commendable, as its overall effectiveness is derived from it and the reflection of the targeted reader’s mental state unto the book’s very pages. Furthermore, Apple's character seems relatable to someone of her nature – the book is written almost from the perspective of someone of the target audience, which aids empathetically the responses towards Apple; a feature which is well-implemented. She is an embodiment of clichéd teen difficulties, inundated with different contrasting emotions. This overburdens the reader with a character who, paradoxically, is difficult to form a relationship with. Another gripe is with the inordinate sense of maturity in Apple's character. I believe having a childish, naïve yet somewhat shrewd character would be considered better execution in this instance. Aside from this, the lack of complexity in the description and minimalized style of writing is integrated remarkably well, and matches the almost poetic, emotional feel of the book.
Posted on: 18 Jun 2015