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St Edward's
Poole, Dorset

Choosing our first books!
for our first session at book club we have been choosing our first book to read in our groups. Our choice of book was based on the choice of blurbs that we read. Then we started to read our books and decide in our groups where we were reading up to and if everyone was reading the same or different books. Also miss Coates brought in orange squash for a snack! written by may wheeler
Posted on: 16 Mar 2016

First meeting...
For our first meeting, Miss Coates had arranged some ice breakers to begin with. She was very excited! We went around the group of 10 nervous students playing "Two truths one lie", we learnt quite a lot about each other! After hearing about the group and what it is all about, we took a drink and biscuit break. After this, we split in to 3 groups and each made a mind map of what we want to do, ideas and suggestions for the group. We even voted on a group name: "Into the future" - don't ask! The students have complete creative control on this group; they can decide how it is run, activities we do, etc. Everyone seemed to be enthusiastic and eager to begin! Until next time... :)
Posted on: 16 Mar 2016