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Kingdown Karnegie

After the Fire Review by Mabel Wynne.
After The Fire is an amazing, gripping book which had me staying up late almost every night because I couldn't stop reading it! It is definitely the most read and the most loved book in our group,and it is one which I am unlikely to ever forget. It is written in an unusual format, which helps you to understand that Moonbeam (the protagonist) is technically safe now, but the further her flashbacks go and develop, the more you realise that she will never be quite the same again. I urge you to read it, and am the utmost certain you will enjoy it will all your heart! Mabel Wynne.
Posted on: 23 May 2018

The Hate U Give - Review by Rebecca Gooodsman
The Hate U Give (THUG) was an excellent, inspiring read that really brought awareness to black stereotyping and gun crime in the USA. It gave it a very modern, realistic view on the subject and although it had quite a lot of swearing and explicit language, I feel that it is an important topic and carries a serious message to it's readers. Angie Thomas portrays fear, love, and stereotypical aggression in a heart-felt story. :) It follows 16 year old Starr who lives with her family in an estate where gangs and gun crime is too popular. When leaving a party with her childhood friend Khalil, who is driving, they are stopped by a male police officer (with a gun). Khalil is made to be inspected because the police officer believes they are somewhat suspicious, which is a reminder of the black stereotyping in America. Khalil doesn't appreciate this, whereas Starr has been taught how to respond correctly to the police's behaviour. Khalil gets shot by the police officer which begins the story, and of the rebellion Starr and her family and friends set out to take down black stereotyping once and for all. I enjoyed this read because despite the VERY frequent and strong language (making it only suitable for on older audience) I really enjoyed it because I had no idea that it was still a really current issue, and I feel that it needs more attention in the world.
Posted on: 21 Mar 2018

Wed Wabbit by Lissa Evans
This book tell the story of Fidge as she is transported into a mythical world based entirely based on her sister - Minnie. She is joined by her sister's toys and her annoying cousin. I found this book a bit young for me as I could highly recommend it to Primary school Children. I didn't particularly enjoy this book but it doesn't mean others wouldn't. By Ellie H ..
Posted on: 21 Mar 2018

The Bone Sparrow - Zana Fraillon.
I absolutely loved The Bone Sparrow, by Zana Fraillon because I found it intriguing and interesting, and absolutely impossible to put down. It is about a refugee called Subhi, who suffers a great amount at his time lodging in the harsh camp, which is separated off from the rest of the world, and is portrayed to everyone else as a much more luxorious place than it actually is. By Mabel Wynne :)
Posted on: 17 May 2017

The Smell of Other People's Houses - Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock.
To be truthful, I didn't really enjoy this book entirely much because I couldn't really get into it. I didn't finish it because I swapped it for The Bone Sparrow, which Ella-Jane read as her first book. The reason I wasn't overly fond of my original book was because it was from the perspective from lots of different characters which I don't enjoy reading as much. This is just my opinion though, and I am sure that other people would find it very interesting, as even though I didn't make a lot of progress with it, I still wanted to know what happened to one of the characters. The only trouble I had was that I couldn't then read through lots of other people's chapters before getting back to the other one! By Mabel Wynne.
Posted on: 04 May 2017

"Salt to the Sea" review by Ella-Jane Tavener.
Salt to the Sea- "4 young people, 4 dark secrets". A book set in World War II and it is based on a true story. You feel that get to know the characters, for you can guess how they will react to certain things before they do so. It is an amazingly good book; I would recommend it to anyone and everyone that loves history, is 12 or over and loves reading! :)
Posted on: 04 May 2017

Posted on: 09 May 2016

Posted on: 25 Apr 2016