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Raving reviewers
Belle Isle, Leeds

Our last meeting :(
This week, we got together to discuss all of the books in the competition. We have our favourites and could talk about why enjoyed them. Next, we took a vote to decide who the winner should be. We recorded our results on our page. We have really enjoyed being part of the book awards this year and there have been some fabulous books to share. Some were funny, some were sad but they all made us think more carefully about the books we read. We can't wait to see which book wins and look forward to next year! We have displayed the books in our library and will tell our friends all about them.
Posted on: 23 May 2016

Reviewing ...
In today's meeting, we talked about our favourites books so far. Next, we wrote a review to show what we thought about them and to give our friends some help with which book to choose. It was tricky to type but we tried really hard and helped each other.
Posted on: 16 May 2016

Footpath Flowers
We talked about the books we had taken home last week. 'Bear on the chair' was very funny and George was surprised that it ended wth a mouse in a house! Next, we looked at the book 'Footpath Flowers' in small groups. We discussed how the pictures show what is important in the story. We drew pictures of our bedroom or classroom and only coloured in what was very important t us. Finally, we exchanged our books for a different one to take home. We had a lot of fun today :)
Posted on: 25 Apr 2016

Our first meeting
We had a great time unpacking the boxes of brand new books and sharing our opinions. It was very interesting to see the different types of books we had to share and couldn't believe there was a story without words. After a biscuit and a chit chat, we each took a book home to read and will bring it back next week. We are all excited to begin a really fun project. :)
Posted on: 24 Apr 2016