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CPA Readers

what a Journey!
This week we looked at The Journey and The Wolves of Currumpaw in Victoria, both epic stories with amazing illustrations but Wolves was a definite favourite. Tidy, Wild Animals of the North, and A Great Big Cuddle in London Bridge: Tidy was again very popular but a much better reception to A Great Big Cuddle from London Bridge than Victoria, with a couple of students giving the book a hug! Wild Animals of the North will be looked at again by the second group.
Posted on: 17 May 2017

Tidy, Wild Animals and Cuddles
Because we missed last week, this week we looked at three books - Tidy, Wild Animals of the North, and A Great Big Cuddle. Everyone enjoyed reading some of the poems from Cuddle aloud, and a few of us chose their favourite of the Wild Animals to read the information to the rest of the group. I read Tidy to them, to much amusement (and horror at the concrete!). A Great Big Cuddle was the least favourite of the three this week, with the other two tied on votes as to which might win so the class teacher had to make a deciding vote and she chose Tidy!
Posted on: 10 May 2017

two weeks in...
Last week we had a first look at the Greenaways and "Judged a book by its cover". Our favourites were Tidy, The Wolves of Currumpaw and Harry Potter. There were none that nobody liked, but our joint least favourites were There is a Tribe of Kids and The Marvels, so we had a closer look at them this week. Victoria class mostly preferred The Marvels but London Bridge chose There is a Tribe of Kids to look at again another week. Some very thoughtful comments from people about the style of each book, we've done small joint reviews of them for the site.
Posted on: 26 Apr 2017