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Moulsham High School Books & Brownies

Book - One
One is a creative, inspiring book which tells the story of two conjoined twin that have to go to school for the first time. Without revealing too much, they meet two best friends(Jon and Yasmeen) Grace even finds love with John. Suddenly a tragic heart disease leaves the twins with two choices: Stay conjoined and die or have a separation and hope they both survive. They choose to get separated and Tippi dies- Grace is never the same again. During all this they are being followed around by a camera- to make a documentary of the twins lives and to get money for their family- their dad is nearly always drunk. Who knows what will happen during these points but let me tell you... It is a great book and one of my favourite. Make sure you read it! Review done by Holly Chandler
Posted on: 20 May 2016

Book - Five Children on the Western Front
Five Children on the Western Front is an superb book that follows the life of children and a magical Psammead which comes back into their life. This happens to be the time when all life goes wrong because world war has started and the older brothers are off to war. The Psammed is a sand God which has been brought back to the children in a curse- a curse that will not break until the Psammed cries. I will not tell you why he cries. It is a moving, adventurous book that takes you right into the magic of the Psammed, It is so good that it is hard to describe. You follow al of the bigguns (Older kids) and the smaller children and its just.. Fantastic. I love this book and I would recommend reading it if you need some magic in you life! Review done by Holly Chandler
Posted on: 20 May 2016

Book - Fire colour one
This is a bold and brilliant novel about the story of Iris and all the lies around her. Iris and her "Parents" go to the other side of the world to get money from Ernest.. Iris's real father. He has priceless pieces of art and his wife is planning to get her hands on all of them. Lies around her are gone and made and finally, she gets one priceless piece of art. All of her fathers money goes into buying this art. Fire colour one. If you want a heart-breaking story that leaves you content at the end, read Fire Colour One. I would definitely recommend it as I is a great book and very interesting. I love this story and its storyline It is a book I would pick up and read again! Review done by Holly Chandler
Posted on: 20 May 2016