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Bordenian Boyz
Sittingbourne, Kent

Bone Sparrow- part 2
Read a bit more. Subhi dreams of the "Night Sea" (still figuring it out!) and comes into contact with a girl called Jimmi from the outside world. Starting to seem like the boy in the striped pyjamas
Posted on: 05 May 2017

Bone Sparrow - so far
I picked this book to review as it said "for fans of the Boy in the striped pajamas." I have only read chapters 1 and 2 but it already seems powerful and moving. It is about a refuge called Subhi, his friend Eli and sister Queeny. Looks interesting and I think it is good authors can right about such a divided topic, especially as people are very divided in views with Trump, Brexit etc.
Posted on: 21 Apr 2017

The Smell Of Other Peoples Houses
make sure to stay tuned for more reviews
Posted on: 29 Mar 2017

The Smell Of Other Peoples Houses// prologue
the prologue of this book is tale of how a girl named Ruth is talking about her dad who hunts and works for the government at the same time. he likes hunting deer and sometimes he brings back its warm heart so that Ruth can listen to it, hoping that she will hear it beat. one day Ruth's mum gives birth to a daughter called lily who was sent with Ruth to live with there gran, as they had only just heard that their dad had died in a plane incident with other members of his government. this is a really good. opening to the book making you want to read more. stay tuned for the review on chapter 1!!!
Posted on: 28 Mar 2017

I've seen some good reviews on this book; it sounds like i should read it, you should read it and find more reviews! bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, fly away and get reading bumbles
Posted on: 28 Mar 2017