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Milbourne Lodge Leading Lights
Esher, Surrey

Girl On a Plane
I just saw the nominations for the 2017 Carnegie medal awards. This one caught my eye because I like planes. As I read through the bio I remembered this event in the 1970's since this is based on a true story. I would like to read this. I feel it is a must read for anybody who either knows about this event or who loves planes. H.M
Posted on: 02 Nov 2016

Illuminae - impressive !
I was looking at the nominations list for the Carnegie Medal 2017 and to my delight noticed an interesting title "Illuminae". I found out that this book was just the book I was looking for. It is set in the far future where two people in an evacuating fleet on a spaceship, must work together, as a deadly plague breaks out on one of the ships. L.O.
Posted on: 02 Nov 2016

Illuminae and Radio Silence
I have just read through this year's Carnegie Medal nominations. One book which appeals to me is 'Illuminae' which looks like being the best book I have ever known. From the outline description. It is about a zombie apocalypse on a space ship. Another book is Radio Silence. However I was hoping for something with more action because this book disappointed me. It is just about a teenager and her life. I know all about it. I'm experiencing it right now! JM
Posted on: 02 Nov 2016