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Plymouth College:
Plymouth, Devon

Week 3 take 2
Post debate we started to work on two differnt activities. Some continued working on our display and others ammended our hmeopage to make it look chic.
Posted on: 17 May 2013

Week 3
This week we debated 'should you judge a book by its cover?'. This proved a really interesting task. First we talked about whether we thought that the cover matched the content of the novels that we have read so far. The majority thought that they did. However, often there were things that put us off- like the bright blue backgrounds of Wonder, The Weight of Water and Maggot Moon. We particularly liked the cover for Code Name Verity that has a darkened shadow of a girl on it and a red circle around the name 'Verity'. The mood of the cover really matches the narrative and themes in the text and helped our understanding of it. We went on to discuss the length of texts and asked whether this put us off reading them. Funnily enough, Code Name Verity was the least popular here as it was considered too long. And, Roddy Doyle was considered too short and therefore seemed too immature for us as very sophisticated readers! Our final topic for debate was the size of the font. Here Maggot Moon and A Boy and a Bear in a Boat won. This was mainly due to the illustrations in the texts and the fun cartoons from the cover merging with those inside. Overall- A Boy and a Bear in a Boat was the post popular text in thsi debate. But, having said that, we all said that now that we have been reading the texts, our preconcpetions were wrong and we love them all. We have now learnt the value in NOT judging a book by its cover!
Posted on: 17 May 2013

Week 2
It took a while this week for us all to turn up to the reading group... perhaps because fish fingers were on the menu for lunch?! However, once we met in the library, our first official session started. After a distinct lack of inspiration and much deliberating we finally came up with the name for our reading group. 'Plymouth College Readers' didn't seem to captivate what we thought this group was about. Neither did 'Readers' or 'Page Turners'. In the midst of our conversation, Abbie suggested 'Unknown Legends'. Having discussed the name we decided that this was who we wanted to be known as. The name communicates two things: that the Novels that we are reading and the winner of the award are, for the time being, unknown legends and that we as the readers are unknown legends in the ether of the Carnegie Shadowing Group world. So that is who we are. Once this had been decided we started to make the sign for our name. We used 'Mrs Chapman's Box of Creative Wonder' to help us and we are now half way through creating the display of the Unknown Legends to go up in the library. Who knowns where our next session will take us? All that we do know is that it will be legendary...
Posted on: 11 May 2013

Week 1
The posters are up in the library, the books are being read and the titles are being ticked off our lists. Last Friday we all met in the library and decided that we are going to re style the Carnegie display. Mrs Chapman has stocked up her 'Creativity Box' so that we can come and sort out the display corner of the library any lunchtime that we like. Mrs Murphy also explained to us that Hyde Park Juniors will be coming to meet with us one lunch time to share their reading for the Greenway Award while we share our ideas about the Carnegie entries... so many things are going on! As for the reading, we set up our group relatively late on in the game but we have already read our first books and are beginning to move on to our second! watch this space...
Posted on: 06 May 2013