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Lyng Hall School

And The Winner Is...
Monsters of Men! Our group was as keen as everyone else to hear the results of the 2011 Carnegie Medal. Everyone gathered round, munching cakes and biscuits, waiting for the result. First the result of our group vote. The book the group thought was the best was ... White Crow. Next we found out the result of the shadowing scheme barometer ... Prisoner of The Inquisition. The group were ok with this result and could see why it was so popular. Finally the main event, the announcement of the winner. Everyone waited while the suspense built until finally it was revealed that Monsters of Men was the winning book. Everyone seemed a little shocked and all but one of the group was disappointed. They felt that the book was too confusing and that it needed the previous books to have been read before it. At the end of the shadowing scheme for another year and even though the winner has been announced the debate continues. Roll on the 2012 awards!!
Posted on: 24 Jun 2011

The Final Countdown
With less than one week to go until the winner is announced the debate about who should win is really heating up. This week we looked at 'Out of Shadows' which has been the book our group has most wanted to read. The group are particularly interested in the setting of the book as 1980's Zimbabwe is something they have not learned much about but are now determined to find out more! Also this week we had the all important vote to find out who we wanted to win the Carnegie Medal 2011. Some had a very clear idea about who they wanted to win, while others found it more difficult to decide. Will our choice match the choice of the judges? we'll find out at the end of this week!
Posted on: 20 Jun 2011

Two weeks to go!
With just two weeks to go until the big announcement we are exploring the remaining books on the shortlist. This week it was 'Monsters of Men' by Patrick Ness. This has been viewed with a certain amount of fear due to it being almost 600 pages long! First impressions were a little confused as you are launched straight into the action without knowing what has happened to cause it. This was always going to be the danger with it being book number three in a series. Many of the group were keen to get stuck into other books on the shortlists and write reviews for what they have already read. It won't be long now until we decide who we want to win the Carnegie medal 2011!
Posted on: 10 Jun 2011

Getting Stuck In!
We are now well into the shadowing process for the Carnegie Medal 2011. So far we have looked at three of the six books on the shortlist: Prisoner of the Inquisition, The Bride's Farewell and The Deathdefying Pepper Roux. There have been some mixed reactions to the books with some proving more popular than others. There seems to be a split between boys and girls with each group liking very different books. However, the most popular book is Out of Shadows which is the one that everyone wants to read. Could the popularity of this one book mean that it will be our eventual winner? We will have to wait and see!
Posted on: 25 May 2011

Back to Business
After the excitment of the Easter holidays and the Royal wedding. the Lyng Hall shadowing group has got back up and running. This week we looked at Prisoner of the Inquisition, one of our initial favourites. We read the first couple of chapters of the book and then discussed what we thought would happen next. Some people did character profiles, while others redesigned the front cover. Everyone seems excited about all of the books and couldn't wait to take home a book to read for themselves.
Posted on: 09 May 2011

Carnegie Shortlist is announced...
We are up and running! A group of keen readers turned up today to discover this years Carnegie Shortlist. First task was to match the blurbs with the covers....and all 6 were guessed correctly. Then a discussion took place about our first impressions of the books and our inital favourites were decided! It was then time to dive into the books and see if our initial judgements were correct. Only a few pages in and the group changed their mind about “Monsters of Men” by Patrick Ness. A book which had at first seemed very daunting because of its size, soon became very popular and sparked much discussion. Other early favourites included “Prisoner of the Inquisition” by Theresa Breslin, the cover proving a big hit in particular and “Out of the Shadows” by Jason Wallace. No doubt our favourites will change as we read all the different books. We are now looking forward to meeting next week, as well as getting involved with updating our website...
Posted on: 01 Apr 2011

The Countdown Begins!
Welcome to the official Lyng Hall School Carnegie shadowing group. This is the place where we will follow the awards, talk about the books and decide who we want to win the Carnegie Medal 2011. The countdown has already begun to the all important shortlist announcment on April 1st. Watch this space for more information.
Posted on: 16 Mar 2011