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President Kennedy School & CC

Ferryman - so far!
I am on page 188 and so far it is an interesting book. It is about this girl called Dylan who goes to visit his dad, but she is involved in a train crash and finds a boy called tristan. I'm sorry if this spoils it but Dylan is actually dead. Tristan is her protector and he has to take her to the tunnel where she completes the final step. But they get emotions for each other and Tristan decides to go against his duty and go with Dylan to the final step. this is as much as i have read but it looks like a potentail winner.(Calvin Gill)
Posted on: 03 Feb 2014

Noble Conflicts
I have finished reading this book and it is amazing.It is about a boy called Kasper and he has joined an elite team called the guardians. There method of war is to use non lethal weapons like stun rifles. Kasper is happy at first as he believes that the enemy are evil, but soon finds out the shocking truth. I think that it will definitly be in the shortlist. however it is not for younger readers as it has a bit of swearing in it, but overall it is a good book. (Calvin Gill)
Posted on: 03 Feb 2014

This book is a intresting book as it is very detailed and has a range of good vocabulary. ACID is a strong police force who is now on the look for Jenna strong as she has escaped from prison. She went to prison because she had mudered her parents. Jenna is now known as Mia. She lives in the outer, as there normally are less ACID agents on the look for her there. She has a lifepartner called Cade but he has now left her by her self. ACID has stolen her life and now she wants it back. Jenna is capable of injuring people very badly as she has already killed her parents and has injured a man called Creep but she has recently hurt a man called Max. Written by Kaitlyn Garside
Posted on: 03 Feb 2014

the boy who swam with piranhas
I started to read one of the long listsed carnigie books called The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas. As i read the book it begain to bore me as it was just on about sardiens and how his uncle ownes a factory of sardiens (sorry for the spoilers) this is my point of veiw but you as a rewader could like it unlike me. writen by Chloe Manger
Posted on: 03 Feb 2014

Hi we year 7 carnegie group which meet every monday 1pm until 2 pm. We talk about what Andrew Carnegie has done in the past and discuss the books we are reading .
Posted on: 27 Jan 2014

I am currently reading the Geek girl.It is about a girl the main character who has a freind;who wants to be a model.The main charcter goes on a school trip to the shopping mall and gets scouted-spotted by a modeling agency.The main character doesnt want anyone to find out she is a model exept for her dad.So they lie.The main character has to go to Russia for a magazine shoot.That is where i have gotten to so far.I lioked it at first but the book is getting boring in my opinion.Though a fantastic read at the begging.Written by Victoria Ayorinde(vicky)
Posted on: 27 Jan 2014

Our Fantastic reads!!!
Hi Im chloe webb and I am part of the president kennedy school yr7 carnegie group.I have currently been reading the feathered man by jeremy de quidt and so far it has been very thrilling! It is an adventure book but with an addition of fantasy-it really is a FANTASTIC read!!! Please read it to find out for yourself!!!
Posted on: 27 Jan 2014