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Staffordshire Schools' Library Service

No such thing as dragons by Philip Reeve - Not one of his best!
A good adventure story about a dragon slayer (Brock) and his mute servant Ansel. Brock and Ansel travel far and wide to rid the lands of fearsome dragons only Broc knows there is no such thing as a dragon and deceives the villagers, so when Broc goes to a small village nestled in the mountains he is sent on another quest to rid of a dragon he gets more than he bargains for and discovers the truth. A well written story with a very good plot line that keeps you reading, however I personally didn’t feel any connection with the characters and for this reason this book is not one of Philip Reeve's best.
Posted on: 17 Mar 2010

The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh - A possible contender!
I've just read the Crowfield curse, which I really enjoyed. It's about an orphaned boy called Will who lives in a very run down abbey and who gets involved with the mystery of the Crowfield curse. This book was a very enjoyable read and I did like the description of bleakness surrounding Will's world in the abbey. I don't think this is a winning Carnegie titles but it's definitely worth a read.
Posted on: 17 Mar 2010