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Old Buckenham High School

30.04.2018: Is structure important?
This week we were talking about structure.We were saying what type of structure we like the books when we read them. We thought that structure has a very important role: to make sure the book makes sense and it's intriguing for the reader. By Ellie, Year 7 ____________ Students decided that they preferred a story that had closure and all the loose ends were tied up. However, there were mixed reviews as to whether students preferred a linear structure, or flashbacks. The jury is still out on that one! Miss. Jordan
Posted on: 07 May 2018

Carnegie Bloggers!
We will be getting our Carnegie members to write a blog post to keep up to date with all the discussion we're having! ________ Miss Jordan English Teacher
Posted on: 07 May 2018

Release and Rook Discussion: 23.04.2018
This week at Carnegie Book Club, we discussed two books: Release, by Patrick Ness and Rook, by Anthony McGowan. Neither of these books had been rated and we wanted to find out why. We were given a copy of either Rook or Release. We were told to read the blurb and first page. We realised that, for Rook, the blurb was very 'blocky.' It explained too much and left you wanting nothing more. The first page wasn't very enticing either: it had no gripping words whatsoever. For Release, the blurb was enticing; it's just that it wasn't in the right place, so no-one could see it. As for the first page, it was similar to Rook: too many simple words and didn't entice you into reading them. By Niamh, Year 7.
Posted on: 07 May 2018

First two weeks!
Our first session started with the introduction of what the shortlist has to offer, and the introduction of the Carnegie Award to our new intake of Year 7's. Students chose from the shortlist and the long list books; with some super keen readers taking more than one to read over the week! This has facilitated interesting discussion about why certain books make the shortlist and others don't. It is fantastic to see many members of the group taking any opportunity to read their chosen book, and hearing them discuss their choices in between meetings. The second meeting gave us a chance to involve some of the brilliant literacy mentors we have in the upper school, and show the lower school how important reading is all the way through school. We discussed the books we'd read so far, particularly how each of the books 'hooks' the reader in and whether the readers were enjoying their choices so far. We saw a few swift book changes, however there were articulate debates about member's likes, dislikes and expectations of reading! Our wonderful Librarian has set up a rating system on the short-list poster - we have rated the books 'out of 10' on our initial reading so far, and it'll be interesting to see whether these scores increase (or decrease!) with further reading. Our next session is straight after Easter break where there should be lots to discuss after two weeks of reading! ________ Miss. Jordan English Teacher
Posted on: 03 Apr 2018