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Queens Park High School

We had another meeting today and decided that our favourite book so far is Black Rabbit Summer. Full of fast paced reading and interesting twists it's definitely in the running for Gold. But it's got close competition from Ostrich Boys and Airman which are certainly winning over a few of our group. It's going to be a very interesting final result........ But one book we don't want is the Knife of Letting Go. The overall view on this book is "a good idea but not put across very well." So what do you think?
Posted on: 14 May 2009

The ones that got away...
Our group had it's first meeting today with me, the new librarian Mr Humphreys. One of the most interesting things, I thought, was our discussion of which of the nominated books that didn't make the cut should have been on there. Personally, I would've loved 'The Young Samurai: Way of the Warrior' to have been shortlisted. It's exciting, fast paced and the reader is immersed into the world of 17th century Japan, a time of feudal conflicts and heroic deeds. Louise and Katie also thought that Shadow Web should have been on the list as it is an original fast paced book that fits the genre perfectly, another amazing book was Just Henry that we were really disapointed when it wasn't on the shortlist as the author is brilliant. What do you think should have been shortlisted that wasn't? And why?
Posted on: 30 Apr 2009