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Read Treviglas Read
Newquay, Cornwall

Still reading
We aim to get as many books read as possible and many people have got to at about three or four books so far. Many people haven't typed up their reviews yet as we're writing them on paper before we submit them. After all, we want all the reviews to be perfect! There are some people who have almost read all the books but there's other people who haven't read so much. We talk about the books regularly and compare what we think of them. Ghost Hawk is still one of the top but The Bunker Diaries seem to be the most preferred. Not many people like liar and spy as its too 'childish' and the childs elephant is okay but many people don't like it. It seems to drag on. So carry on reading!
Posted on: 06 Jun 2014

Read, read, read!
In Read Treviglas Read, we are all in groups. Our aim is to read as many books as possible in the amount of time we have and individually as well as in groups. The favourite book so far has probably been Ghost Hawk or the Bunker Diaries. All the truth that's in me is a little bit of a love it or hate it thing at the moment. We're all enjoying this greatly. Each week our independent study, (homework) is to read up to a certain amount of pages per week and between our English lessons. Once we've finished the books we upload reviews to the carnigie shadowing site and go onto the next book to read. We hope that we can read every single book in the time we have.
Posted on: 16 May 2014