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Hockerill Anglo-European College

Erin starts us off
In this week's Books and Biscuits club, Erin was the first to share one of the shortlisted books with the group. She read us 'Willy's Stories' by Anthony Browne. The more we looked at the book, the more we realised that there was to see, and by the end of the session the pupils were all racing to see who could find the most hidden images in the illustrations. The book led to a great discussion about favourite books we have read, and why it is important for authors to have the freedom of speech. I don't think we expected that when we first started to look at the book! Well done, Erin and well done, Anthony Browne!
Posted on: 26 Apr 2016

Shadowing begins
Last week saw the launch of our shadowing for the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway books. We already have several readers who are keen to read the eight Carnegie titles and have started to make their way through the list. In Books and Biscuits, we started looking at the Kate Greenaway shortlist with a general introduction to all the books. The group firstly voted on the front covers, then did a speed read of the titles to see which ones initially appeal to them the most. Each member of the group has taken one away to look at in depth, and has been set the task of presenting their book to the group over the coming weeks.
Posted on: 25 Apr 2016

Carnegie/Greenaway Shadowing 2015
We are taking part in the Carnegie Shadowing as usual with students from all year groups, staff and parents. Once again the author Pauline Francis is reviewing the shortlist for us as well. However, this year Books & Biscuits will be taking part in the Greenaway shadowing as well and will be completing an Arts Award in the process. We will all come together on the 22nd June for afternoon tea and a discussion.
Posted on: 27 Apr 2015

Carnegie Panel 2014
We are a group of students from all year groups along with librarians, teachers, parents and even the author Pauline Francis. We are enjoying reading the shortlist although opinions are very divided! Looking forward to afternoon tea in the Library on the 23rd and a chance to see what everyone thinks about the books!
Posted on: 08 Jun 2013