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Newfield School

Let's get started...Wednesday 6th April 2011
Well, this is the first posting on our blog. To be honest, it's an experiment to see what happens next. So here goes... I am the school librarian aka Learning Resource Centre Manager at Newfield School. I work in a really busy LRC which is open all day from before school, in lesson time (with class bookings) to after school. We've recently started a brand new book club on Wednesday lunchtimes. We have a volunteer with us, a lovely university student. It was her idea to re-launch it, so thanks Aisha. We break up for Easter this week so this is a "random" post. Once we get back together after the holiday we can have a think about our shadowing site and blog. I think it would be good to share it. So what are burning issues? Peer pressure! Well we really want this club to work. The LRC is open plan so it gets really loud and crowded. We want to be in a book environment but how do we manage with the noises and all the other distractions? We could also meet after school when there are less people around and so may be less "obvious". I know that some people would really love to join in but might be a bit embarrassed and don't want to be called or seen as book geeks...well I am a book geek, self admitted and proud of it. There's no harm in trying it and you never know, you may enjoy it. I think that's enough for this post so I'll sign off and see what happens. Miss Taylor LRC manager
Posted on: 06 Apr 2011