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King Edward VI Handsworth School

Wo even are we?
Hey Everyone! I'm Safaa, a year 9 from King Edward VI Handsworth, and I'm our blog writer! Our shadowing team is a group of crazy, charismatic, intelligent, enthuasiastic book worms who love everything to do with books! We have some experience under our belt as we are the 2017 winners of the video competition, but we also have lots of new year 7s who have joined us this year. In this years' video, you will have seen how this years' shortlist made their way into our weekly book club session! Crow, Lady Catherine, Rook and so many more characters came to join us... We all have a variety of interests, from dance to drama, singing to politics, Nirvana to Loose Women, and that is reflected in the books we read. Everything from light-hearted fiction to horror is devoured eagerly by us! Thank you for reading, Safaa
Posted on: 14 May 2018