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King's Bruton

Ready for the Off................
Just about to hold our first short list meeting - will be dominated by the moans of why isn't...................! But we did have some success with 3 of our choices making the shortlist. I will push to get opinions, thoughts etc from all though I think the biggest effort will go into discussing the fillings of the sandwiches and the merits of cake as opposed to fruit. Yes, like our friends at Stanchester, cake plays a lead role in our meetings - bribery does get you everywhere! Personally, once I got over the shock of a couple of ommisions, I am reasonably happy with the list but think the choice is really between a couple of outstanding reads. I won't give away my thoughts yet but hope my shadowers will start to put up reviews over the next few days.
Posted on: 24 Apr 2012

Long list 2012
Making our way through the long list. We're getting very good at throwing books out, have a few on the maybe pile and a couple of definites. I won't give away our choices just yet as we probably won't agree with the judges and we'll spend our first short list meeting moaning about why something isn't on it! Looking forward to next term - the highlight will be the judge and author visits and of course we hope our friends at Stanchester will be able to join us for these events.
Posted on: 20 Mar 2012

Chocolate Cake with Hitler. The Card Turner. Why aren't these 2 books on the shortlist we would like to know? Both very different but fantastic reads. They tick all the boxes according to the Carnegie criteria plus lots more - more than can be said for Pepper Roux and Bride's Farewell. Lunch is just about to start - a good feast really focuses the mind for discussions about Carnegie books - though arguing seems to be the main force of opinion this year!
Posted on: 17 May 2011