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Piggott School, The

Greenaway Shadowing with 7A
In our library lessons we have read the wolves of corrumpaw. I loved the book and the way we read it in the class. I had fun every lesson and I really enjoyed it. Thank you miss. I always wake up on Monday week 2 and think YES LIBRARY LESSON. Thank you. Georgie and Ben I really enjoyed looking at the Greenaway books. This is because they are very easy to read and understand because of the lovely pictures. And yet they give across some really nice messages. My favourite book from the selection was Journey because I think it shows a really important idea. – Phoebe MacDonald We had lots of fun in these lessons, we read many interesting books and wrote our ideas about them down in many activities such as: Creating a new Hogwarts house, creating posters, flags bookmarks and leaflets. Also in our last lesson we had a party with cakes and writing this very blog and one of our favourite books were The Wolves of Currumpaw, which was really interesting and showed a true story about the struggles of wolves. Jonathon Kluth, Brandon Hutchins and Matthew Steele We enjoyed reading the Greenaway books as they were interesting and had amazing illustrations. We particularly enjoyed looking at Wild Animals of the North because it had detailed illustrations of animals from all around the world. We will miss Mrs Seddon because she always made the books sound as they were real. She was always caring and kind. The winner of the Greenaway competition was ‘There is a tribe of kids’. This was a very interesting book because it had many short sentences. This had an effect on the reader, it also had amazing images. Priya, Hannah and Anastasia I really enjoyed this topic. This is because they are easy to read (children’s books) and they have a good story line. I liked the pictures that the books have it is very eye catching. They give across some really nice messages. My favourite book was There is a Tribe of Kids because it had really nice pictures and an important message about fitting in. – Rebecca McMenemy Sammy and I have really enjoyed this project as we were allowed to express our feelings about the books we have studied, such as, Tidy and when I worked on the Library Independence Party. Because our group talked about what other people had in mind instead of just what we think, making The Hunger Games a reality, having a kindle bookshelf so you could grab on an choose a book from a choice of millions and to save the mocking birds from extinction. By Teilo & Sammy We love our library lessons because they are full of books and whiteboards. There are also some other, more interesting, things. For example, each lesson we spend some quality time with our books by reading them. It gives us a chance to do quizzes without wasting our precious break time and we get to talk with the friendly librarian and library teachers more often than if we did not have this delightfully pleasing, literature – teasing lesson. Our projects are spicy and the outcomes are micey and they can sometimes be a little bit icy. Oh, did we just type that????? We meant to say: Our projects that we do are sure to please you. We do them in fun teams so our faces have beams (on them). They also help us to review and research different books and learn about the subjects they cover. But the most important thing is we have FUN all 58 minutes long. By Jessy and Tabs
Posted on: 28 Jun 2017

Group Discussions on Greenaway Books with Year 7 Class
Willy's Stories - The Weapons are all stationary with a twist. The writer did this to prove the point that books are made with imagination. Willy likes reading because it takes him on adventures like the story does to us. It's a very interesting concept. How can stories make the world a better place? You learn from them, and they take your mind on an adventure. They are also good for your imagination as you can interpret the story in your own way. Written by Abigail, Mia, Yasmin, Eloise and Evie Sam and Dave Dig a Hole The dog sees the diamond under or near them that the boys do not see. Does it matter that the boys do not find the treasure? No, because they still had a good day and they got to spend time with each other. Playing has made a difference to them and they realise that they must always listen to the dog. It is important that everyone has the right to play so that they can make new friends and have fun. Written by Chloe, Miranda, Ellie and Amelie Sam and Dave Dig a Hole The dog sees the huge diamond that Sam and Dave do not. It does not matter that they did not find the treasure because they didn't know about it. Playing has made a difference to them because they enjoyed it. It is important that everyone has the right to play because they should be treated equally and do what they want to do. Written by Hannah, Megan and Ella Footpath Flowers The people that the little girl walks past on her walk are depressed or sad. She gives them flowers to spread the colour and so that people become happy. One act of kindness makes a big difference because it makes people think that there is something worth living for. Written by Dylan, Alex, Daniel and Ed There's a Bear on my Chair Mouse tries to persuade Bear to move in various ways, such as giving him a nasty glare, tempting him with a pear and giving him a scare. Now Mouse is in Bear's house, the story will start over again and they will never become friends. The Mouse is in the right now, as the chair belongs to him and the Bear is technically trespassing. Written by Lucy, Noah and Jacob In our once a fortnight library lessons our English class took part in the Greenaway challenge by reading the nominated books and creating short bookmark reviews on them, this was a nice change to our normal library lessons. We very much enjoyed reading the nominated books because it was interesting to read younger books for once. There were lots of lovely illustrations and some of them were quite funny. We enjoyed discovering the different styles of book and different styles of writing. We also enjoyed the lesson in which our local librarian, Elizabeth, and Greenaway challenge judge came to talk to us about the event. It was very exciting and informative because she got to answer any of our questions about the event and the process of the judging. We were really inspired about when the local librarian explained about being a judge and reading a lot of books. We had to fill in a special bookmark of which book we liked best. We had to fill in our name, book title, what our reasons were for choosing the book and finally, marks out of 10. These were very fun to fill in. By Elizabeth, David and Safa.
Posted on: 15 Jun 2016

great lesson with mrs seddon
blog by sebb carterrrs the book rules of summer is cool because it has pictures and not many words witch makes it a very good book
Posted on: 09 Jun 2015

Our great lessons with Mrs Seddon!
Gino and Jono, our lessons are really good with Mrs Seddon because she shows us all the new books and some of them are really cool because they have awesome pictures in them. She is also a really nice teacher.
Posted on: 09 Jun 2015

Jasmine and Ciara's reveiw
Our lessons have been a delighted. We have looked at a range of interesting books. Some had pictures, others had a great story line. It has been a pleasure to be in the library and looking at these books. Ciara and Jasmine
Posted on: 02 Jun 2015

The original favourites of mine
my favourite books are the shiver series the plague series and the vampire diaries series in fact i love the vampire diaries so much i have watched the series and have got mega addicted also i have started to watch a series called the originals as its a following twist to the vampire diaries xoxo
Posted on: 02 Jun 2015

previouse english lessons ( greeen away awards books )
recently we have been looking at the green away awards . I have taken part in numerous events on voting and reviewing many of them . sadly I haven't been able to read any of the books as I am reading another book at the moment (Sophie McKenzie's sister missing I recommend if you like crime books a lot of drama ). there are two green away books I have taken a fancy to tinder and Goth girl there illustrations look amazing and the blurbs of both books sound interesting. I am looking forward to reading both !!!!
Posted on: 02 Jun 2015

Our Opinions
We have been looking at the greenaway awards we have looked at several different types of books such as tinder,smelly loui and a few others unfortunately i have not had time to read any of them but might have to read tinder as it looks quite sinister !!!!
Posted on: 02 Jun 2015

The Rules of Summer - Year 8 discussions
These are some of the thoughts arising from group discussions about this book Shaun Tan, summarised by Mrs Seddon following today's Shadowing session. We talked about sensible rules and silly rules. Sensible rules include: Wear sun cream when it's sunny; never give your keys to a stranger; put hair up when doing PE, DT or Science; never go with a stranger; never get in a van that has 'free wifi' on the side; don't do drugs unless they're good for you; obey the law; ignore the haters; keep your room tidy; when crossing the road, look left and right; always consider others' feelings, even if they're wrong; always do homework; never stay in the dark; don't join terrorist groups; violence is never the answer; don't be racist; don't get pregnant underage; don't smoke; Bad rules include: Children should be seen and not heard; keep arms off the table; don't wear make-up; don't talk in lessons; do chores around the house; pay for uni; don't talk back or argue; never go outside; never drink anything other than water. Pupils also looked at the visual aspects of the book and came up with the following thoughts: The picture with the little boy holding a suitcase suggests he is going on a holiday; summer is over and he is leaving; there is great attention to detail with bold colours and a range of colours; the writing is boring and dull; it is intriguing and weird. One group noticed that there is a crow on every page. The story includes colourful, detailed pictures; the story is very complicated and doesn't really make sense.
Posted on: 12 May 2015

Do we judge a book by its cover?
At our recent meeting we had an interesting discussion about book covers and how we rate the covers of the current short-listed books.
Posted on: 08 May 2015

Are age ratings fair?
The Carnegie Medal short list has often been criticised for including books considered 'unsuitable' for younger readers. This year there are 3 recommended for 14+. Is this fair for a children's book award? What makes a book 'unsuitable' for younger readers? Mrs Seymour
Posted on: 31 Mar 2014

Patrick Ness
WOW!!! Seeing Patrick Ness was really cool! I espically enjoyed the talk about finding ideas to write a book with. I really badly want to read his book about a knife edge.The only bit I didn't like was when I had to have my photo taken for the 'Reading Post'. I hope Chloe gets better for tomorrows trip and thankyou Mrs Seymour for taking us! - Olivia
Posted on: 12 Jun 2012

Between Shades of Gray - How did it make you feel about Stalin?
Chloe : I found this story of historical background very touching and emotional. It made me feel like Stalin was a very sour character in the history books and I'm glad to live in the 21st Century. Olivia: I think learning about Stalin in a book really put into perspective how lucky we are to live in the 21st century!
Posted on: 31 May 2012

My name is Mina
I just wanted more of a story. Maybe the story is supposed to come in Skellig for which this book is a prequel. My Name is Mina is a great exploration of character but I think a novel needs to be more than that. Mrs S
Posted on: 25 May 2012

My Name is Mina- Worst Book?
Recently our group did a vote for best book and I was the only one who voted for My Name is Mina. I have looked at several other reviews and this book seems to be getting a lot of hate. Am I one of the only readers who actually liked this book? I thought it was well written and Mina's character was explored a lot which made the book easy to get into and I can relate to Mina in that feeling of being alone and not fitting in. So, back to my main topic, who else liked this book and why? And, if you didn't, why? ~Ellen I thought this book was quite good but.............................. it had no climax to it. It was a good and enjoyable read but I don't think it maybe deserved a place on the Carnegie short list but then it wasn't the worst book in the group. - Olivia
Posted on: 04 May 2012

Between Shdes of Gray
Think I had better read this one next. Hope you are not getting too traumatised. Mrs S
Posted on: 30 Apr 2012

Between Shades of Gray
I found this book rather upsetting. Do you think it should've been a higher age rating? Chloe
Posted on: 27 Apr 2012

Does it have to be all about death?
So far in all the books I have read (A Monster Calls, Midnight Zoo, My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece and just started Everybody Jam) death plays a significant part in the story. Are books for older children and teenagers getting too dark? Eleanor I totally agree with you there Mrs S most of them are but lots of them are trying to tell you something as well Chloe I agree too. I have just finished Between Shades of Gray and the plot is devastating. I cried through many sections of it and thought how horrible a world war three would be! Ellen- This may be put across the wrong way but death is a natural part of life. I don't think books are getting to dark. They just deal with subjects that are a part of life. These days books for young children are hardly ever about death but in, like, Victorian times it wasn't uncommon.
Posted on: 20 Apr 2012