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Fairfield High School

Ready, Set, Drama!
Another meeting went amazingly today in the drama room. We're all ready to go and our drama piece is polished and perfected. We have a rough schedule of what will happen tomorrow which includes our presentation and a debate and quiz, which is the same as last year. This year in Hereford the venue of our meeting has been changed from Whitecross to The Shire Hall, which sounds great. For the last two years it has been great at Whitecross and my table has won the quiz! But I'm looking forward to going to the Shire Hall. The only thing I think is a little strange this year is that we have to bring our own lunches, but this is probably better for me, as I am the orginal Miss. Fussy! See you at the debate, Libby xxx
Posted on: 22 Jun 2009

Meeting Success!
Today we had a meeting in our drama room to practise our drama piece for the book presentation. We're doing Ostrich Boys and not to give too much away, but we're doing a piece of highly symbolic drama written by me, Libby, and preformed by the whole group with the main characters being portrayed by Lydia and Alex. Mrs. Williams helped us with the starting idea of the piece and has helped us develop the way we move and set up the stage. Today's meeting was a real success despite the absence of Miss. Parson's and we managed to do the whole play without scripts. The timing is perfected and we feel confident that our performance will be the best at the gathering! We are meeting again on Monday at 12:30 to do a final runthrough and finalise what I am going to say to introduce it. More news soon, Libby xxx Fat Whin Rules Supreme!
Posted on: 18 Jun 2009