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Reading champions

Rail head
The book I am reading currently is called, Rail head. A book about zen, a thief who messes with the wrong group of thugs and steals from them, he steals the most expensive metal on that planet, but he doesn't live in a normal world. The KH train is a train that travels from one planet to another, in seconds, zen rides these trains from planet to planet, becoming the true Rail head. Written by Ray
Posted on: 16 Jun 2017

Comparing the beginning of our books
In our time together, we discussed our books. None of us have finished our books so we decided to compare the beginnings of them. We have started to read the following books: 'The Bone Sparrow', 'Salt to the Sea', 'Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth', 'Rail Head', and 'Beck'. These books have been chosen to be the top 9 books and they each have a different theme.
Posted on: 16 Jun 2017

Beck by Akshaya
The book that I am reading is Beck by Mal Peet. In the beginning of the book it talks about the mother of a young boy called Beck and her name is Anne Beck. The beginning starts of really serious and very deep. Anne is NOT a prostitute but sometimes sells her body to men. She got sacked for slapping her under manager who was groping her in the linen room. Then she saw her husband at a pub and despite her rudimentary precautions, he got her pregnant. Beck is then an orphaned child that was shipped to Canada and lives a life that is defined by his longing to find a place in the world and control his own destiny.
Posted on: 16 Jun 2017

Sputniks Guide to Life on Earth
In this book, there are two main characters. One of these characters is called Prez. Prez is the usually talking in the book, whereas the other character, who is a intelligent alien from space is the companion of Prez. Together, the intelligent alien dog from outer space alongside with the primative human being from earth, go into great mischief as they ruin birthday parties and fix ancient monuments. I personally find this book very interesting as you simply can not guess what is going to happen; you just have
Posted on: 16 Jun 2017

One Review
ONE The introduction to the book, One, was a very interesting one. Being introduced to the main characters, Tippi and Grace, and taking in the knowledge that they were conjoined twins makes you feel sorry for them and helps you to delve into the life of the conjoined. It made us want to know more about it. They then go to school for the first time in 16 years, we are introduced to their friends, Yasmeen, who has HIV, and Jon who is ‘normal’. These characters play a very big part in the story. It draws you into the book like a magnet to metal and after that all you do is read this amazing book, experiencing the same things that Tippi and Grace go through. The whole book engaged us to the very limit because these two characters, who, in essence, are very different, are very close. Their choices cannot be made without the others’ agreement and this helped the book ‘One’ to become an utterly amazing book. BY THE READING CHAMPIONS (Kingsbury High School)
Posted on: 24 May 2017