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Fantastic books and where to find them

Exchanging books!!!
Today we started by cutting the cake made by our own Eddie who won the favourite book poll. Then we started exchanging books and discussing teasers to get others interested. This sparked some interest on books like Wolf Hollow, Salt to the sea and The smell of other peoples houses (or Other peoples smells as we call it). We also posted reviews on the books we had read, some good and some bad but all kept or tried to keep to a two sentence maximum on their reviews. 📕📙📗📘🎂🍰
Posted on: 04 May 2017

Life Dilemmas.....
Last week two of our members couldn't come due to an Hockey game, but the club went on. Mr.Salmons gave each of the members a life dilemma and they had to respond to the dilemma like their character from their favourite book would. Looks like everyone enjoyed it. Like always, we had cake and squash, homemade by one of our members. We can't wait for next week, because our Carnegie books are coming.
Posted on: 20 Mar 2017

New leader?
The winner of the favourite book poll was: Eddie and his book Cherub. Last Thursday one of the members in our group planned and lead our meeting. He baked delicious cake and brought in some squash. Each of us shared some quotes from our favourite books and we asked each other some questions about our books, in the last 15 min of our meeting we played a few quizzes for an extra slice of cake. We can't wait to see what cake we are going to have next week, we might even get our carnegie books to read. We will have to wait and see...
Posted on: 06 Mar 2017

Just created a Poll
Yesterday we created a poll on our favourite books and learned some more about each other while having some fudge and orange squash. We shared some more books with each other and discussed our favourite characters of all time. We also did some quizzes on Roald Dahl characters. We can't wait for next week's cake and quizzes.📚🍪
Posted on: 10 Feb 2017

Fun Activities
Today we shared some of the books we have been reading so far and explained to the rest of the group what the books are about. Whilst doing this we ate lovely homemade cupcakes and drank some squash. We also played a few quizes about books and authors. We all really enjoyed it. And can't wait for next week to share more about our books.📚📖
Posted on: 02 Feb 2017