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DMA Vivid Readers

A review fuelled by an abundance of biscuits!
Firstly, we discussed 'Beck' and agreed that it is more suitable to older teenagers, aged 15+ or very advanced readers. This is because it has lots of very precise, complicated details that it is difficult for younger readers to keep track off. Secondly, we discussed 'Wolf Hollow' and we have a 'hung' decision that we may have to form a coalition to reach a final decision! Some of us really enjoyed that this book builds lots of suspense and tension around the characters Toby and Bettey. Some of us felt that the story and characters take too long to develop with too much repetition of details; it would be better to have more action from the onset. THIS WEEK: 3 of us will be reading 'Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth'. These are our first impressions: "This book is intriguing", "I was drawn to this book because of the interesting, exciting action" and "I want to read something light-hearted and funny." 2 of us will be reading 'Salt to the Sea'. These are our first impressions: "This book is very interesting and empathetic" and "I like reading about experiences of war."
Posted on: 12 Jun 2017

Narrative Voices
Today we have been discussing how writers use narrative voice and the impact this has on our reading and enjoyment of a novel. There can be as many narrative voices as the author would like; we think this might make it easier to write a whole novel. Different narrative voices can make a book more interesting but sometimes it can make the book not flow as much if it had only the one person's story. It can also create suspense so say that something bad happened to one character but then switched to another (changes in narrative focus) this would make the reader want to know what happened to the first character.It gives you the chance to meet more characters and you get to learn about different people. Overall, we decided we prefer one narrative voice so that we can connect with one character on a deeper level. Or, we like dual narratives such as 'The Stars of Oktober Bend' because the voices merge and connect, creating one story from different view points. However, 'The Smell of Other People's House' was not enjoyed as much by our group because the different characters didn't merge until the end.
Posted on: 05 Jun 2017