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SVC Shadowers
Ely, Cambs

We were very split on whether we enjoyed the book or not. The majority of them did not enjoy it and some did not finish the book. Some said that it was too unrealistic. We decided it was an easy story to follow. The story sends a message that you are free to love who you like. A lot of the students did not understand the Guardians, the station angels and the Rays. We felt that there was too many worlds mentioned and that sometimes it could be very confusing. Not one of our favourites.
Posted on: 11 May 2017

Wolf Hollow
This is the second book that we have decided to read. Overall the readers prefered to read this book over Sputnik's Guide to life on Earth. Firstly we discussed how the author brought this place and time to life. A few of the students first thought it was set in England. We discussed the Wolf Pit's and nobody had previously heard of those before except one student that had lived in America previously. We also discussed how Betty was a wolf in sheep's clothing, being a bully and then acting all innocent. We thought it was interesting how everybody would know everybody's business due to the lady connecting calls and listening in. We discussed whether or not Annabelle always does the right thing. The general feeling of this was no. Most students thought that Annabelle should have told her parents or the teacher about the bullying. The readers all thought that she did the right thing in trying to help Toby.We decided that Annabelle does not always think of the consequences of her lies and hiding things. Some students thought that the book may have been better if events had been portrayed through others in the story as well as Annabelle. We discussed how Annabelle says in the beginning that she has learnt to lie so she is possibly an untrustworthy narrator. We also thought that Betty may have been bullied in her previous school or that she may be a bully due to loosing her father. We discussed why we thought that Toby was reluctant to share his experiences of the First World War. We decided that it was too tragic and painful for him to talk about. We thought that he did not want to be reminded and that he may feel ashamed as he may have killed people. He may have been trying to protect Annabelle or may not have been sure how to explain it to her. The last thing that we discussed was Betty's fate. We asked if anybody thought that she got what she deserved. Most of the students say that they think that she did get what she deserved after being so evil. Some student's felt bad for her at the end when she did die. Most thought that she would survive. We think that the Author wanted to shock us with Betty's death.
Posted on: 18 Apr 2017

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth
This is the first book that we have all read. Most of the students enjoyed the book. A few decided that it was not realistic enough for them. We discussed how it is a fantasy book, therefore it should not be realistic. We discussed the different characters and how some of them are weird. The students liked how the dinner table scenes were set out. They decided that they particularly liked the way that Sputnik could read the manual of things and make them do cool and amazing things. Most of the students decided that the book should have been aimed at a younger audience. The students agreed that the author had made the book chaotic on purpose in order to keep the reader interested. We spoke about how the book makes you see your world differently and makes you appreciate things. We touched slightly on the Grandfathers illness of dementia. We liked the fact that Sputnik means Companion in Russian. Generally i think the students enjoyed the book.
Posted on: 29 Mar 2017