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CKG Booksters

Beyond the Bright sea.
We (me and my friend) enjoyed this book for its cryptic intrigue and the stimulating adventure. however, one of the most disappointing parts was the end - never finding her brother. The characters flawlessly suited the plotline and the sailor twist really excited us Stars: Four and ninety-nine out of one hundred (because you never give five out of five if you're professionally rating something.)
Posted on: 06 Jun 2018

Broken Beck
Beck was the first of the shortlisted books that I chose to read. I liked the way it gripped me from the opening, describing the hardships of Beck's mother. In general, the story of Beck is engaging and I was immediately enjoying the story of this young man struggling to survive. My favourite part was when Beck became a bootlegger for a brief time- partially because it was when, to me, he seemed to be the happiest. However, I was not as impressed with the ending, when Beck falls in love. It felt out of place to me with the rest of the story and, when I got to the acknowledgements at the end, it made perfect sense why this was. I have read books which have two authors before, but I think that Rosoff's writing style differed a bit too much from Peet's for me to fully enjoy it. It felt disjointed and, quite honestly (in my opinion) the love story between Grace and Beck read like a bad teen romance novel, which completely did not fit with the rest of the story. Overall, I would give Beck three out of five stars. I enjoyed Peet's writing style and the overall story, but couldn't get past the cheesy ending.
Posted on: 25 May 2017

Broken words at Oktober bend (Stars at Oktober Bend)
This is a story about a girl that gets what seems to be like dyslexia but it only comes when she hits 'number 12'. What I like is that through out everything that happens her brother is still by her side and even goes to the lengths of theft for his little sister. The reason I like this is that it shows the great bond they have which is hard to come across now a days with technology taking over. The only problem I have is the grammar is still a bit funky. I still love this book and I'm only on chapter 10 but I will still keep reading and hopefully still love this book. :-) :-) :-) :-)
Posted on: 25 May 2017

The smell of different oppinions. (The smell of other peoples houses)
This book is defiantly unique, it shows different perspectives to the same story, more or less, also adding different lifestyles and how they would cope in the same situation. I have not read too much but the details over the smallest of things really sticks out. the first pages grabbed me with all the action being piled up so quick its hard to take in, it makes you want to read on to see how each problem either solves itself or gets worse over time. there is a slight bit of joking around and a touch of light heartedness to break up the tension and weight of the story too, its done very well so it doesn't deteriorate the seriousness of the story line. I also find the way the characters beliefs and feelings completely contradict one another: "Ruth wants to be remembered. Dora wishes she was invisible." and for someone who has not yet read the book would probably want to know how that pans out.
Posted on: 25 May 2017

RailHead by Philip Reeve --- First Impressions
I'm currently on chapter 10 of this book and I love it so far. What caught my eye with this book was the dystopian-seeming cover, and with dystopian novels are my favourite genre and catch my attention straight away. I love the main protagonist, Zen Starling, as his character is bold yet troubled, and has a past which you cannot help but be extremely interested in. I love how the story is set in a time long after ours and in a place completely different to Earth with a completely different language. Overall, I can't wait to continue this book and I hope others will read it too. Till next time Ruby <3
Posted on: 25 May 2017