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Stanbridge Stars

The End!
We're a new reading group made up of children from years 4, 5 and 6. We love to read Harry Potter, David Walliams and The Hunger Games. We like exciting, emotional, and sometimes funny books. And biscuits.

We have really enjoyed reading these books At first we were a bit disappointed to find out that all of the books were picture books, mainly because we associated picture books with younger children, but as we read them we found that pictures could tell stories in ways that words couldn't. For example, we found that in The Marvels the pictures at the end of the story could be interpreted in many different ways: as what happens next; as what might happen; as what the main character hopes will happen. While in The Journey, the pictures told parts of the story that they children narrators couldn't know. For example, one of the pictures showed that the mother, who the children think is never frightened, is also scared and sad.

Our favourite books overall were The Marvels, The Wolves of Currampaw, and The Wild Animals of the North. But we were still happy that The Journey won. We thought it was an important book, telling a story that is relevant to all of us.
Posted on: 19 Jun 2017

A review of Brian Selznick's 'The Marvels' by a Stanbridge Star

I absolutely loved The Marvels, it was one of the best books I have read! This is because it was thrilling, entertaining and you never would expect what would happen next. The story line was good. A young bay named Joseph who runs away finds his uncle who lives in a Victorian style mansion, there was a downside to this though, I got confused on what time it was set in.

One of the book's main highlights are the illustrations which are amazing and take up roughly a quarter of the massive book. They are drawn in immensely heavy detail and one of my favourite things that I love is that they link to the story (they are drawings that Billy drew of the stories that Uncle Albert told).

Another highlight is the book's trade mark main characters Joseph, Frankie and her dog. My personal favourite was Frankie's dog, Tar (name finally decided at the end of the book) because she was as unpredictable as Frankie and the fact that her name kept changing was funny..

The style of the book was amazing, the gold gilding was giving the effect of an old-fashioned book, the drawing on the back was incredible and the cover was immaculately detailed.

I give it FIVE STARS
Posted on: 05 May 2017

Now that the books are here...

When all we had was a list of titles we didn’t think that ‘The Marvels’ sounded very interesting. We assumed that it would be a short picture book about superheroes, and so none of us voted for it in our ‘Which title sounds most interesting’ poll. Now that it’s here though, we’ve changed our minds! It’s a beautiful and intriguing book, with gold-lined pages, interesting drawings and a secret message that’s hidden in all sorts of places. Can you find it? You’ll either see it or you won’t ; ) Now that it’s here it’s the book that we most want to read and we can’t wait to get started. Here are some of the things we’ve become interested in, just by flicking through the pages:

It seems to travel through time – from 1766 to 1990.

The pictures seem to travel through time too, from old fashioned-looking illustrations to early photographs. So as the story moves through time the images seem to too, with the photograph suggesting new technologies.

The writing appears in different forms within the pictures themselves. There are pictures of old newspapers for example, as well as fragments of paper, and the remains of old theatre posters. This gives the feeling of a kind of scrapbook and makes it feel as though there will be different points of view included in the story.

The photograph at the end is very intriguing. It looks straightforward to begin with, but the more you look the more strange it becomes.

There's an afterword, printed on different colour paper that tells us something about the author and about the writing of the book.

We can't wait to get started. Will it be as interesting to read as we think?
Posted on: 07 Apr 2017