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St-Laurence Readers

bone sparrow
This is a very interesting book. It covers the very relevant subject of refugees in an understandable format. It has a slow story at first but quickly picks up and the story develops a lot. The characters are very interesting and grow on you a lot. Overall this is a very relevant and emotional book that you should certainly read.
Posted on: 18 May 2017

Salt to the Sea
Salt to the Sea is an amazing book which covers the sinking of the ship Wilhelm Gustloff. There are four characters, Joana, Florian, Emilia and Alfred Frick who all experience something as their 'hunter' - whether it be guilt, fate, fear or shame. We thought the characterisation was great, with each character as intriguing at the others. Although some were harder to read: I found myself wanting to skip Alfred's chapters! The author did really well at creating a character that was dislikeable. He is like a blood stain on a freshly washed white shirt. He played the part of the senseless face of war. Perhaps he represents the hideousness of the situation they are in. And he is there throughout the story, to remind you.
Posted on: 18 May 2017

Salt to the sea
This book is incredibly emotional which serves it very well. The theme of this book is very relevant and is something that is often skipped over. The author included lots of facts in an interesting format. The way in which the book was written made it very interesting and vivid. We did not get confused by the different narrators but found it refreshing. The characters were very well thought of and you felt close to them. However the book had mature themes so should be targeted at an older audience. Overall this book is definatly worth a read.
Posted on: 18 May 2017

Bone Sparrow
Bone Sparrow is based on the tragedy of refugees following the life of Subhi, a boy born the immigration centre; 'life behind the fences is all he has ever known.' Then he meets Jimmie... a girl from outside. Having both Jimmie and Subhi from outside and inside enables the reader to compare their differences, though they are tied by Jimmie's mum's book. And the bone sparrow. The story interestingly emphasizes the refugees' disadvantaged situation by placing value on everyday things such as shoes. Real shoes.These actually are a mark of status- that's how important they are. Everyone in the group felt that, although it was a very steady pace and quite slow to begin with, it was definitely well- worth reading and an insight into the refugee problems that are particularly relevant now. Most agreed that they would definitely read another book from Zana Fraillon.
Posted on: 04 May 2017

Rail Head by Philip Reeve
This book was rather confusing, overall I found that the characters didn't really develop. The blurb was deceiving and didn't really show the creativeness in it's best light. However, the detail of the book was very imaginative, but the level of depth made it hard to understand. The only character that got my full attention was Raven, however a higher level of detail was needed to fully understand the character. On the other hand, we were perhaps not the targeted audience, so that may have made our views biased.
Posted on: 04 May 2017