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STAC Readers

Sputnik's Guide to Life - Daniel P
Firstly, the book is written by Frank Cottrell Boyce. I chose this book because I like the front of the book; it is so funny and the title is sort of adventure and sort of sci-fi. On the front of the book asks “can a dog from outer space save the world?” This really interested me. Secondly, I like the character Sputnik (who is a dog) that tries to save the world with his friend, Prez. They are best friends: Sputnik is a small, loud alien but Prez’s list of amazing things is not quite the same as Sputnik’s. I also like the writing - it helps to me understand the plan to save the world. I predict that at the end of the story they going to save the world and they going to be friends. I recommend this book because is so funny and so interesting and because it is never going to happen in real life.
Posted on: 19 Jun 2017

Beck - Daniel B
I chose this book because the front cover gave me the impression that the main character was on a journey from struggling to success. It also gave me the impression that this was based on a past experience and that it could be anyone because the character at the front had no identity. Beck was a 12 year old orphan when he heard that he was going on an adventure to Canada. During the ride to Canada, the priest said “Boy! You, boy! Darkie!”. Not only is this racist, but these words are coming from a priest; someone who is meant to be the leader of a Catholic parish is talking in this manner! This could have been acceptable years ago because people in Liverpool were not used to mixing with people of his race at the time but the priest is not showing the same respect they are giving him. This could be because the priest could think that Beck is young so he would not understand what the priest is saying is wrong. I think that this book is aimed at readers 14+ and adults because some of the topics and language in the book should not be words that younger children are seeing and it could also lead them to start using these words.
Posted on: 19 Jun 2017

Salt to the Sea Page 1-30: Bertrand's review
Salt to the Sea is generally a good book but for patient readers only as the book is a bit dull at the start. I personally liked it as I got to see different perspectives of war in 1945 through the various characters: Florian, Emilia, Joana and Alfred. What I really like about the book is the different character’s reaction to the environment that they are in. Moreover, I understand a character like Emilia as she wouldn’t interact with other people as she couldn’t identify her people from the enemy and is ready to kill if she needs to. One of my favourite parts, from what I have read so far, was on page 6 when Emilia stands up to a man who wants to kill her but, by using reverse psychology so the man could have empathy, buying her time to be rescued by someone. I believe in the future they (the characters)would meet up and do something special that would change my view on the book. Personally, I recommend this book to those that are interested in war but also to people who like mystery and adventure as the characters are on a journey.
Posted on: 19 Jun 2017