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Shadowing Begins...
Our first proper shadowing meeting will take place this week! It’s been tricky finding a day and time that suits everyone, but we’ve overcome the amazingly busy lives led by all of our readers to find a weekly slot for the next few weeks – hooray! Some information about us: *There are six members of our group – five are readers from year 10, and the last member is one of the school librarians. *All six of us can regularly be found amongst the library shelves. *All six of us can also regularly be found in the close proximity of any tea, cake, and biscuits foolishly left unguarded around school. What we’ve done so far: Last Thursday, everyone met one of our librarians for two tasks: a). We had to pick the book we thought was most likely to win, based on the book cover alone – no peeking at the blurb was allowed! b). Once this prediction was made, we could then read the blurb for each book and pick which one we wanted to take away as our first Carnegie read of 2017. What’s coming: We’re all aiming to read the first chapter (or a minimum of 10-20 pages if the book doesn’t have chapters) before meeting this week, although it’s likely that most, if not all of the group, will have whizzed through the whole thing and be ready for their next book! Once together we’ll discuss the opening chapter/pages of our book, and potentially further depending on everyone’s progress, and make some new predictions on which book we think might win. This blog is currently being maintained by our librarian; however, hopefully there will be updates from all of us over the next few weeks as the shadowing commences!
Posted on: 08 May 2017