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Pencoed, Bridgend

First thoughts...!
After choosing their books on Friday, our Year 7 pupils met today to feedback first impressions of what they'd read so far - and there were some heated debates! Poppie, Eleanor, Libby and Evelyn had all chosen 'Beyond the Bright Sea', and said that they found the blurb appealing, especially the first line! However, for Poppie, Eleanor and Libby, the book itself just didn't live up to expectations. "We found it hard to read, and understand. Even after reading 6 chapters, it was still quite boring, and hadn't hooked you in." The three decided to switch for other books. On the flip side, although she wasn't quite as far into the book, Evelyn still though it was interesting, and planned to keep reading. Grace, James and Elouise had opted for 'Where the World Ends'. Grace certainly seems to be enjoying it! "I thought the cover was really eye-catching, it gave the impression that it was quite a dark story, which is the kind of thing I like. I'm finding it really intriguing so far, i'm looking forward to reading on!" So far we've only had two takers for "Wed Wabbit" - Laurnne and Seren. Seren found it quite difficult to describe the book, especially without giving too much away! "It's....weird! I thought it would be a bit funnier, but maybe that comes later. I felt like the blurb really drew you in, especially with the language it used. I'm really excited to read on, and getting further in to the story. I do think that some pictures would be good - I think it would suit the story." Katie and Ruby both chose 'The Song from Somewhere Else', and though Katie is a bit further into the book than Ruby, they both had similar opinions. ""It's really interesting, and the details in the pictures help to explain the story. We both really like the character of the cat Quintilius, he's very mysterious and creepy!" However, it was the book that was most popular at first, that had the group the most divided! Caitlin, Josh, and Morgan all selected 'Thornhill'. " We though the black cover made it stand out - it's very different from the bright colours you usually get for children's books. The image is very mysterious, especially as there's no blurb on the book. We expected it to be really spooky." Caitlin had a particularly interesting observation about the cover, and overall enjoyed the book. "Because it's dark, and grey, it looks more like the kind of book you would expect to appeal to boys, but actually, the main characters are all girls. The ending made me cry!" Caitlin had finished the book, whilst Josh and Morgan were about half way through. "It's a bit unclear at first, that actually the pictures and the writing are telling two different stories." Morgan was definitely not a fan: "It's not that good, I'd prefer more writing in it, rather than 30 odd pages of pictures. I found it confusing, especially as some of the characters are not named, as well as the pictures and the writing not actually being the same story!" Josh, however, was particularly taken by the artwork and illustrations in the book: "It's amazing how much of the story comes across in the pictures, just using four colours. I'm loving the journey the story takes you on."
Posted on: 21 May 2018