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CSI Peterborough (Carnegie Shadowing Investigators)

A Great Meeting
Hello everyone, Mrs Thomson here! Just wanted to say what a great meeting we had on Monday lunchtime and what fabulous "books hooks" you have created> I will be hanging them up in the SLRC sometime this week for all LRC users to see and read. Loving reading all your reviews before posting them on the live site - you are a fantastic bunch of readers and reviewers! Looking forward to the next meeting.
Posted on: 27 Apr 2016

Hi everyone. This time it's Aleena writing. This week in our Carnegie meeting, Mrs Thomson, our librarian has introduced something new in Carnegie- The Great British BOOK Off. It is really similar to the great British bake off but the challenges are to do with the shortlisted books. For example, I was given a challenge on Patrick Ness' The Rest Of Us Live Here, which I think personally wasn't the right book for me but anyway my challenge was to create a movie poster for it but I had to use teen characters from other teen books like Harry Potter, one of my favourite serials! I think this is a really fun way to share our passion and knowledge of books. I know todays blog has been quite short but if anyone has any suggestion just let me or Isabella, who will also be blogging, know! :)
Posted on: 20 Apr 2016