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King Edward VI Grammar School

Matthew's Review of Carnegie as a whole
The Carnegie Awards are of a relatively divisive nature, every year, eight books are shortlisted. A panel decide on a winner based on which book has been written most well. The longlist sometimes gives a better picture of teen literature, highlighting astounding books written by contributors to children?s literature while the shortlist often tells us who has created an interestingly written and formed book. However the nature of this means that the winner can be disappointing to those who do not like the story. They are often books that do not scream for attention. Shadowing groups up and down the country jump onto a favourite book. It is not always the book that fulfils the criteria perfectly, ticking all the necessary boxes. Carnegie is a, if not the most, important children?s book prize internationally, however, when I read the shortlist I often look at the deep dark hidden, slightly dull story line. I then zoom out to find the different structure, ideas, use of language or imagination that justifies its presence, all too often do I do this after the winner is announced. The Carnegie award still highlights some of the most amazing literature for young people, however it does not reflect what we would prefer to read. There is nothing that can please everyone, and every shortlisted book has a chance of winning. The popular book can still win, but we are kept on our toes by the nature of the prize. Reading the Carnegie books is still an amazing journey as some of the best authors can pop up on the shortlist, some books are difficult, but often these books have no obvious ending until you reach the end. They are often books you would never otherwise read, and some you still cannot get past the first chapter. Some authors reappear every year, but choose your favourite carefully and think about who has written the best book, not always the most experienced author will win. Always remember that there is a book for everyone on the shortlist and any book could win.
Posted on: 11 May 2018

Just Getting Going
Lots of you are on your second or third book but don't worry if you're only just beginning - and don't forget to add your reviews to the shadowing site, and vote on your favourite so far. I've taken a while to get started but I'm now half way through and there are copies of all the titles available in the library to borrow at the moment.
Posted on: 18 May 2010