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Isleworth and Syon School
Isleworth, Middlesex

After the Fire by Will Hill - Reviewed by Ben
After the fire by Will Hill has to be hands down one of my favourite novels of the year so far. Set in rural Texas just outside of Waco the story follows the life of a girl called Moonbeam who was born into a so called religious cult known as the Branch Davidians who lived in a secluded compound sealed off from the outside world. One day in April 1993 the United States Government raided the compound due to a suspected weapons violation. What ensued was a horrific act of arson and mass murder. On that day 76 Branch Davidians perished. Based on a real story it shows the horror of the siege through the eyes of a young survivor going through rehabilitation. Through this story I have learnt that in the case of Waco It was less about religion but more about a power-hungry man who wanted to control the people living within the sealed off compound. I really enjoyed the main character: Moonbeam because she is an incredible character who is surrounded by repulsive and immensely grave characters. Despite this she manages to stay brave, strong and courageous. If you enjoy books based on historical events, politics or factual events then this is the perfect book for you. I would highly recommend it.
Posted on: 26 Apr 2018

Willy's Stories
Willy's Stories is about a monkey called Willy, who walks through a door and goes on adventures. At the end of each page, it has a question, meaning the audience has to think. This is all good but it is very long, with lots of different stories PLUS a question on each page meaning if you were to read it to someone it would take a long time😡 Samuel Nixon Year 8
Posted on: 11 May 2016

Footpath Flowers
Footpath Flowers is a beautiful picture book with great illustrations and a lovely plot. The images show the story well to make up for the lack of words. It is an amazing book that I would recommend to any young children😄 Samuel Nixon Year 8
Posted on: 11 May 2016

Fire Colour One
I enjoyed this book however it wasn't my favourite of the Carnegie Awards. At the start it was slightly confusing and I couldn't work out which character was which however by the end of the book it got drastically better. I liked it overall I would be disappointed to see it win because I preferred other nominees.
Posted on: 06 May 2016

Five Children On The Western Front
I enjoyed this book. It had a slow start that made me slightly bored however by the end of the novel I was captivated and absolutely loving it. I am really glad that I read through to the end because at the end I was really enjoying it.
Posted on: 04 May 2016

Five Children On The Western Front
The plot of the book gives you a curiosity that makes you want to read until the end all in one go! It makes you very emotional towards the characters and the mysterious story of The Psammead. It trails along the past and allows anything to be possible. I would recommended this to 11+ as it has the context of war! Irate it 8.5 / 10.
Posted on: 04 May 2016

One by Sarah Crossan was a very good book. I thought that the author explained the life of conjoined twins in real detail. I thought that it was very sad that an everyday task such as going to the shops was a struggle for them. It is written in a different genre to what I usually read nevertheless I still though that it was absolutely brilliant and I would be happy to see it win.
Posted on: 29 Apr 2016

Lies We Tell Ourselves
Lies we tell ourselves by Robin Talley was one of my favourite books I've read this year. I thought that Robin Talley was so descriptive that I could picture myself in the hallway or in study hall.It is stunning book dealing with some very complex issues including racial abuse and same sex relationships. I am so glad t have read this book because without taking part in the Carnegie Awards I would have never read it. I believe that it has a good chance of winning and I would be glad to see it win.
Posted on: 29 Apr 2016

The Fastest Boy in the World
Hassan- A boy called Solomon and his grandfather got to the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. After he runs back to tell his family about his Granddad's sickness his Granddad has passed away. Hamza likes this book because its a family relationship book. Mohamed enjoyed this book because it is unexpected and thought of it as an inspiration because he ran a marathon and beat the bus. Sammy disliked this book because he found it quite wishy-washy and forgettable.
Posted on: 03 Jul 2015

Apple and Rain
Mohamed enjoyed this book because it portrays an up and down relationship between the mother and daughters, in a realistic fashion. Hamza states that this book is about a girl called Apple who hasn't seen her mother for a long time. He likes this book because he likes the passion between Apple and her mother, which engages the reader.
Posted on: 26 Jun 2015

When Mr Dog Bites
Hamza likes this book because it introduces the character in an interesting way and also explores the relationships between Dylan and his friends. Zack says this book rashly, yet appropriately, addresses the serious problem of tourettes, whilst making you roll around on the floor laughing throughout. The author effortlessly weaves something unpredictable into an amazing book! Sammy writes that although there is foul language, an intriguing story-line and a lot of humor makes this a book worth reading. I never lost the plot.
Posted on: 26 Jun 2015